Best 125cc Scooters for Food Delivery Drivers 2024

Best 125cc Scooters for Food Delivery Drivers 2024

Scooters are often the vehicle of choice for fast food delivery drivers. They’re agile, fuel efficient, easy to park and easy to hop off in a hurry. Generally, they’re also cheaper to tax and maintain than a four-wheel vehicle. 

But not all scooters are created equal. Choosing a greedy engine will eat into your profits as you spend more on fuel, as will choosing a scooter on the higher end of the market. On the other hand, a poorly made low budget scooter could cost you in future repairs. 

When looking for a scooter as a delivery driver you will want to consider the following:


Since fuel costs are yours to bear, how many miles to the gallon your engine can manage will affect how much profit you make as a delivery driver. 

Engine size

For smaller deliveries, you don’t need a very powerful bike. In fact, a bike with a bigger engine can end up slowing you down when you’re navigating towns and cities. That’s why most delivery drivers tend to opt for a 125cc engine or less. Plus, a smaller engine will likely mean paying less insurance. 


This is going to be very important for couriers. The majority of delivery drivers will add a box to the back of their scooters for their delivery packages. Don’t forget, you’ll also need somewhere to store your personal items. Seat storage can be useful for keeping your keys, wallet and even a magazine or book to keep you occupied between deliveries.


Professional drivers need to be comfortable. The more comfortable your vehicle, the better you’ll feel. Make sure you take any scooter you’re considering buying for a test drive to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Yamaha RayZR

The RayZR is Yamaha’s brand new entry-level scooter, for riders wanting an affordable ride with Yamaha quality. 

Weighing only 99kg, the RayZR is lightweight and nimble, making deliveries a doddle. A lighter weight means less fuel consumption, making it very attractive for a novice rider. 

Plus, there’s built-in underseat storage for those smaller deliveries, or for stowing your helmet when you’re not riding. 

There’s an electrical power assist for when you need a little extra juice, or for getting up steeper hills.

Plus, the engine uses Stop Start technology when stationary, further reducing fuel consumption – this is especially useful in busier built up areas. 

Price: £2300

More info here

Honda Forza 125

The Forza has been a staple of Honda scooter offerings since 2015. One of the heavier scooters on this list at 168kg, the Forza is a more solid machine. 

It’s 11.5 litre fuel tank will get you further than most other offerings in the Forza’s range, with top speeds pushing 80mph. 

The bodywork is streamlined, making it simple to park – perfect for those busy surge times. 

Priced from £5149, this is the most expensive scooter on the list. However you get what you pay for – a workhorse that’s suitable for deliveries, commutes and travelling at weekends.

More info here

Yamaha NMAX 125

Despite its smaller 6.6-litre tank, this bike is surprisingly powerful. 

Ideal for city travel, it’s sleek, nimble and economical. It also has a Start & Stop system to save on fuel, making it a more environmentally friendly option. 

Plus, you get the brand power of Yamaha.

A new Yamaha NMAX 125 averages £3,777, used from around £1,999.

More info here.

Piaggio Liberty 125

One of the most stylish options, the Piaggio Liberty is a favourite of scooter fans not only for its reliability but for its European look. Its large front wheel gives the rider a greater feeling of control when nipping around city centres, with a top speed of around 59mph. 

The Piaggio can be one of the better choices for smaller drivers, as the seat is lower than on many other makes and models. It also comes in a little cheaper at around £2,700 new.

Read more here.

Lexmoto Titan 125 Euro 5

The Lexmoto Titan is a great first time bike for riders who are new to scooters. Weighing just 118kg, the bike is lightweight and nifty, lowering fuel consumption with a fuel injector. 

The Titan can reach a max speed on 80pmh which is great for a little bike of this size. 

There’s underseat storage for your helmet when not riding, or for deliveries when on the road.

Plus, the price point is great at £1,999 with 2 years parts and labour warranty.

More info here

Our Thoughts…

The market has many great options for delivery drivers. When choosing, consider a make and model that is cheap to run so that you can maximise your profit whilst using it for work.

Where possible, test the comfort level of the bike – is the seat comfortable enough, can you easily sit without being cramped?

Whilst Honda, Yamaha and Piaggio are excellent and highly popular scooters amongst delivery drivers, it’s worth looking at the newer Chinese entries. They can offer similar specs for a lower price without sacrificing on build quality.

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