10 Must-Haves for Private Hire Drivers This Winter ❄️

10 Must-Haves for Private Hire Drivers This Winter ❄️

Winter is here. Suddenly we’re debating putting the heating on, searching our wardrobe for woolly jumpers and curling up in thick blankets. 
As we go into the colder months, it’s more important than ever to stay prepared when driving. We’ve gathered a list of must-haves for the coldest season so you and your passengers don’t get caught out!

Charged Power Bank

Usually, your phone will be plugged into the USB outlet in your car. However on the occasion that you forget, or a passenger finds their phone is dead, it’s a good idea to have a couple of charged power banks ready to go. They’re readily available, and you can pick them up pretty cheaply!

Floor Mats for Muddy Shoes

Winter brings mud, ice, snow (occasionally….), and a mess in your car! It’s a good idea to put down some extra mats to protect the floor, and have a dustpan and brush on hand to help sweep up any dry mud. You could even have a small doormat to really catch those muddy footprints!

Winter Provisions Kit

As far as must-haves go, this is an essential. All you need is a shoe box! Get yourself some cold-weather emergency essentials – a foil blanket, torch, and first-aid items. You never know when you might need them, and if you stay prepared, you don’t have to get prepared!

Coffee App 

Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Costa etc to get yourself a warm drink in between rides. Be sure to keep warm and hydrated when driving in colder weather. You may even be able to get free coffee once a week with your phone or internet provider – such as O2 Priority. Loyalty schemes will also give you a free coffee, but only after multiple purchases, so you’d have to decide whether buying 8 coffees are worth 1 free one.

Driving Gloves

Feeling like your steering wheel is giving you frostbite is the worst first thing in the morning! Luckily, a pair of driving gloves will keep your hands warm, and give grip for the wheel. 

Ice Scraper

Unless your car is stored in a garage or underground car park overnight, chances are your car will ice up. While most cars now come with windscreen and back window heaters, investing in a decent ice scraper is still a good idea. No one enjoys using their bank card to scrape ice in a pinch! A can of de-icer is also handy – though be careful with your paintwork. 

Backseat Mirror

Attach a mirror to the back of your passenger seat. That way passengers can do last-minute touch-ups before reaching their destination! You’ll be taking a lot of people to their Christmas parties, and they’ll be thankful for checking how they look before they go in.


As well as taking people to their parties, you may be collecting at the end of the night when your passengers may be a little worse for wear. Having sick bags within easy reach could save you a messy cleanup later. Just make sure the passenger takes it with them when they leave!

Sweet Treats

Celebrations, Heroes, Roses – you know those tubs of chocolates that seem to multiply over Christmas?  Keep one in your car to give passengers a little sweet treat on their journey. You could even keep some vegan ones aside!


Okay okay, not exactly a must-have. But for a bit of holiday cheer, you could decorate with some tinsel and a few baubles. Add some fairy lights across the back passenger seats. Check out Pinterest for some great inspiration from fellow drivers. 

Bonus – Warm Clothes!

A bonus on our list of must-haves, this should go without saying – make sure you layer up warm for a long day in the car. Eventually, you’ll get warm, and layering means you can easily remove jackets and jumpers if you get too hot. Keep a thick coat to hand, a winter hat and a scarf!

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