Where Are The Riders In The UK? Lockdown 2.0

Where Are The Riders In The UK? Lockdown 2.0

At INSHUR we look for ways to help Uber drivers make more money – revealing where the crowds are is one of them. But as the country enters a second national lockdown, with pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues closing, identifying reliable rider hotspots and pickup locations are once again a challenge for private hire drivers

The new rules state that ‘everyone who can work effectively from home must do so’. If you cannot carry out your job from home, then you are exempt from that rule. And of course, for professional drivers, this is most certainly the case. Scroll down to find out where the riders could be in Lockdown 2.0. 

The following information is correct at the time of writing on 5th November. But before you go, be sure to check the latest on local restrictions from official government sources: England, Scotland and Wales.


Whilst most outbound travel in England is banned for a minimum of 4 weeks, there are exceptions. Flying for work is permitted under valid circumstances and of course, holiday-makers are able to make their return journey to the UK. With travellers urged only to take public transport if there is no other option, initially, at least, airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Stansted could be a reliable source of trips. Click here for more information on all you need to know about UK airports during COVID-19.

Education and Childcare

In England, schools, colleges and universities remain open to offer in-person learning. Early years settings and childminders also continue to operate as normal. As the winter evenings get darker, colder and wetter in weather, walking or cycling is likely to become a less preferable transport option. Driving near these facilities could be the key to maximising your trips.

Other locations to think about

There are other general exemptions to the ‘stay at home’ instruction, including caring responsibilities, attending medical appointments, and visiting a place of worship for individual prayer. In our driving post-lockdown survey earlier in the year, our customers told us that they were mostly picking up from hospitals, supermarkets and residential areas. Definitely, something to bear in mind.

Here’s a list of the what’s set to stay open:

  • Supermarkets, grocery stores and corner shops
  • Alcohol shops, including breweries
  • Dentists, opticians and audiology services
  • Chiropody, chiropractors, osteopaths
  • Other medical services, including mental health
  • Newsagents and post offices
  • Garden centres
  • Hardware stores
  • Building stores and services
  • Petrol stations
  • Pharmacies and chemists
  • Car repair stores, MOT services and bike shops
  • Taxi and car hire businesses
  • Banks, building societies, credit unions and short-term loan providers
  • Savings clubs, cash points and currency exchange offices
  • Funeral directors
  • Laundrettes and dry cleaners
  • Vets and pet shops
  • Agricultural supplies shops

Picking Up Delivery Work

Although people are allowed to leave home to buy essential products, like food and medicine, the public is being asked to reduce travel where possible and many people may not feel comfortable leaving home at all. During the initial lockdown, nearly 40% of our drivers said that they had taken up delivery work. 

Click here to find out more about your delivery work options. And remember, with INSHUR you are automatically covered to do delivery work at no added cost.





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