What Are TLC Plates and Why Do I Need Them? 🚗

What Are TLC Plates and Why Do I Need Them? 🚗

The TLC is the Taxi and Limousine Commission in New York City. They license and regulate the yellow cabs and private for-hire vehicles operating within the city. The TLC also oversee private rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft. They’re the only official place to get TLC plates in NYC, and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Why Do I Need TLC Plates?

If you intend to be a professional driver, you’ll need to be registered with the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Without the plates, you’re potentially breaking the law and driving without the proper requirements and risk having your license revoked, as well as hefty fines.

Official plates are also easily recognizable, giving you and your vehicle authority when it comes to passengers. Additionally, rideshare companies won’t accept you without the appropriate plates, limiting your income potential.


What Does the TLC Actually Do?

The TLC is in part responsible for approx 1,000,000 trips per day. In order to be registered, drivers must pass an exam with the TLC, and their vehicles must meet specific requirements. You can read more about those here

The TLC also issues fines for bad driving, such as speeding, following too closely, and other traffic violations. Whilst these don’t affect your DMV-issued license, you run the risk of losing your plates if too many fines stack up. 

How Much Do Plates Cost?

This depends on your type of vehicle and how long you’ve held your driver’s license for.  Non-wheelchair-accessible vehicles cost more to get plated, so it pays to be accessible. Plate prices can also vary depending on whether you’re a yellow cab driver, using your own vehicle, or even EVs. 

Example image from the TLC website showing the typical cost for a Private Hire vehicle (not Taxi)

How Do I Get Plates?

You can apply through the Commission itself. The process includes passing a drug test and affiliating yourself with a dispatch base. You can read more in our easy 6-step guide to getting plates here

Apply to the TLC here – make sure you pick the correct vehicle type from the left-hand menu.

I Have My Plates, Now I Need Insurance

The penalties for driving without adequate insurance are severe and carry jail time in the worst cases. So once you get your plates, it’s imperative to purchase insurance. With INSHUR, you can get a quote in minutes, meaning you’ll be out on the road in no time. Our Silver and Gold insurance products offer excellent benefits and coverage, so be sure to choose what suits you best. 

In Summary

In order to work with a rideshare affiliate, big or small, you’ll need your TLC plates and the right insurance. If you follow the 6 easy steps, getting plates will be a breeze.

With over 200,000 licensees, you can be sure you’re in good company with the TLC, and there are plenty of resources to help guide you through the process, including our guide and the official TLC website

Remember, there are many companies out there that will offer to apply on your behalf for a fee, but this is not necessary. If you need guidance, you don’t need to pay to speak to anyone at the Commission.

Need an insurance quote? Look no further than INSHUR. We’ve worked with some of the globe’s biggest rideshare platforms, so you can be sure of a smooth ride. Get a quote in minutes and be out on the road in no time.

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