How Much Does a TLC License Cost 2024?

How Much Does a TLC License Cost 2024?

Getting a TLC license in New York City requires drivers to submit an online application alongside passing medical exams, drug testing and a host of training requirements.

All these elements will cost you money, but luckily the TLC has a handy breakdown of how much, so let’s look into how much a TLC license costs in 2024.

TLC Three Year License 

Your TLC license will cost $252.

This provides coverage for three years, and you can apply online through License Applications, Renewals, and Summonses (LARS).

Before pressing submit, carefully review all your details. If your application is denied due to omissions or mistakes, you won’t receive a refund of your fees.

Your license will be granted when all courses and medical tests have been passed.

Drug Testing

To ensure that you’re not under the influence of illegal substances, you must undergo a drug test.

Not passing this exam could lead to revocation of your application and a one year ban on applying for a license. 

The testing fee is $34, and you can find a list of providers here.

Fingerprinting and Photos

You will need to have your fingerprints and photo taken for your ID. 

The cost is $90.25, you’ll need to visit to schedule an online appointment. Use service code 15425Y.

Driver Training 

To obtain your TLC driver license, you’ll need to undergo several training courses and pass an exam at the end. 

The Defensive Driving Course costs $25, and takes 6 hours to complete. You can find a list of course providers here.

The Wheelchair Assistance Training provides drivers with the necessary training to aid passengers with disabilities. You can find a list of TLC-approved providers here, the course is priced at $125.  

Next is a 24-hour driving class, which covers TLC rules and regulations, safe driving skills and a host of other topics. This costs $250, with a $49 fee per exam attempt. You’ll need to score 70% or more to pass. 

A list of approved providers and locations is available here.

TLC License – the Total Cost

Assuming you’ve passed all exams and drug tests first time, you can expect the total cost of your license to be from $800 – $825. 

This coverage lasts for three years, as long as your license is not revoked or you are not banned from driving.

Keep in mind that none of these fees are refundable, so you’ll need to dedicate time to the courses and exams in particular.

You can learn more about the TLC application process with our handy in-depth guide.

Now that you have your TLC license, you’ll need insurance.

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