Car crash

Steps to take in an accident

Getting into a car accident can be stressful, especially so for TLC drivers. Here are some tips to guide you through it, as always you can use our inshur app to help you along the way:

  1. Check for injuries, call 911 immediately if someone is injured
  2. STAY CALM, move your vehicle to a safe location if possible
  3. Always call the police to document the incident, do not leave the scene until they arrive
  4. Take notes and photos of the accident – include as much detail as possible like vehicle locations, witness contact info, plate numbers, passengers – the inshur app makes this easy for you.
  5. If you have a passenger in the car, make sure you take down their name, address and phone number.
  6. Ask all the other drivers involved in the accident for insurance information
  7. Do not sign any documents unless it is for the police
  8. Do not admit any fault, state only the facts
  9. Ask the police officer for information on how to obtain the police report, they will usually give you a receipt number. You can request the police report at the precinct.
  10. Inform us! The insurance company needs information regarding your accident as soon as possible. You will need to fill out an MV-104 form.
  11. If you have collision coverage, do not repair your vehicle until the insurance company has had a chance to review the damage.