A thank you to our drivers #RespectYourRide

A thank you to our drivers #RespectYourRide

We want to say, from all of us at INSHUR, a big thank you to all the drivers who have worked relentlessly this year to keep the world moving. 

Being in a confined space with anyone, let alone a stranger, is something the majority of us have hugely avoided over the past months. But, our drivers have been out there moving stranger after stranger from A to B. 

Reports from the Office for National Statistics (UK) in May and June earlier this year revealed that taxi drivers have one of the highest death rates resulting from coronavirus. Whilst drivers have been wearing masks, continuously sanitizing, and doing everything they can to keep themselves and their families safe, we wanted to help. 

At INSHUR we believe that your protection is our priority. So, we’ve been helping as many drivers as we can by sending out reusable masks, thermometers, antibacterial wipes, and gloves at no cost, helping drivers return to work safely. Delivered directly to their homes, we aimed to make the process as contact-free and as safe as possible. 

To riders, our message is simple – please #RespectYourRide, wear a mask, and know that your driver is doing everything they can to keep you both safe.

And to drivers everywhere – thank you for all your hard work, from your riders and all of us here at INSHUR.

Uber drivers with masks

Post a selfie of you in your mask with the hashtag #RespectYourRide and your biggest learning from driving this year.

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