In conversation with: Refer a friend VIP

In conversation with: Refer a friend VIP

Private hire, TLC, and delivery drivers can boost their earnings by bringing their friends to get insurance cover with us too through the INSHUR refer a friend offer. We caught up with Mr A. Daniliuc who has referred a record number of drivers to us, making him a refer a friend VIP! Find out why he feels confident suggesting his friends get covered with INSHUR, how he found the process, and more…

It’s great to meet you, Mr. Daniliuc! As one of our top referrers, we are excited to meet you!

“Thanks! Always happy to chat with the team at INSHUR.”

Mr. A. Daniliuc

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been driving?

“I’m primarily based in North West London, shoutout to London private hire drivers! I’ve been driving for almost four years now.”

…and how long have you been covered with INSHUR?

“It will be two years now being insured with you and loving it.”

I want to hear about how you become a VIP referrer. What makes you confident referring so many drivers to us?

“Private hire drivers are a close community and we are always talking online and on the road. When I hear someone is looking for insurance I always recommend INSHUR. I’m confident in referring them to you because my experience has always been so great with you. I think your prices are good, the process of getting a quote and signing up is really easy as well. Not to mention we both get a £25 Amazon Voucher with the refer a friend offer. It’s a win-win.”

Well, we sure do appreciate your support! Tell me more about the process of referring a friend.

“It’s really simple. Share my unique link with my mate, they sign up and within a few weeks, we both get our Amazon voucher. Easy! I’m then saving them up for Christmas shopping.”

…good idea! Any final thoughts you want to share?

“I honestly cannot find fault with INSHUR. Serious company with great service and prices. Thanks for speaking to me!”

Connecting with drivers on the things that matter to them is what we love to do. If, like Mr. A. Daniliuc, you want to boost your earnings or become a VIP referrer you can refer your driver friends to INSHUR. Both of you will receive an Amazon voucher* when you do, find out more through the links below…

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