Maximize Your Earnings on July 4th

Maximize Your Earnings on July 4th

July 4th is one of the most lucrative holidays of the year for rideshare drivers, and this year is likely to be an even better opportunity to maximize your earnings. Not only does the 4th fall on a weekend, but with the Covid restrictions officially being fully lifted in NYC, people are sure to be out in droves celebrating the holiday all weekend long. At INSHUR, we want to help you make the most of it, so we’re bringing you some highlights and tips to help make this holiday weekend a great earning opportunity. 

Be in the know about the official festivities

Macy’s Fireworks:

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised this year’s Macy’s fireworks display will be the biggest one yet, so crowds will definitely be out looking to find the best locations for viewing them in person. This year, it will take place along the East River, and there will be separate ‘vaccinated’ and ‘unvaccinated’ viewing spots with entry points at East 23rd, East 34th, and East 42nd. 

Hot Tip: If you drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it’s good to note that the special needs/ADA entrance is on East 34th. If you don’t currently have a WAV, but are interested in getting one for TLC purposes, read our article here on what you need to know about WAV for TLC drivers

Jones Beach State Park:

Having this event cancelled last year due to the coronavirus restrictions means that this year’s celebrations are long overdue.

Insider’s Scoop: Even though the fireworks this year will begin at 9:30pm, this will likely be a destination for families to gather all day if the weather is nice. 

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest:

The famous Coney Island attraction is back open to the public this year, but temporarily in a new location at Maimonides Park beginning at 10am. Families will be eager not only to get out to Coney Island for the contest but also to enjoy the weekend at large with friends and family. 

Hot Tip: Coney Island will have a second fireworks display after the Macy’s one starting at 10pm, so if you’re in the area, this will be a spot to pick up a bit later than the main area in Manhattan. 

Subway Series!

The Yankees will host the Mets at Yankee Stadium all weekend long from July 2, 3, and 4. Yankee stadium is back at full capacity, and New Yorkers are eage get back, especially for this big series. 

Get out and drive all weekend, not just on the 4th

Since this year’s holiday falls on a Sunday, New Yorkers will likely be enjoying the festivities all weekend long. Summer Fridays are very much part of the working culture, now more than ever, so you’ll start to see the uptick in riders Friday after noon or 1pm with people looking for outdoor or rooftop happy hours throughout the city. 

In addition, beaches and parks will likely be hot destinations for families and friends to get together to grill and BBQ on Saturday and Sunday during the day. Central Park, for example, only allows grilling during Memorial Day, Labor Day, and July 4th, so being open and flexible for larger families carrying portable grills and food is great. Roosevelt Island is another great destination for tourists and families alike wanting to celebrate and get together outdoors.

Monday is also a holiday for most of the working force, so there will be plenty of people either looking for a ride back home after crashing with friends post-festivities or looking to continue the fun and extend their long weekend, so don’t discredit the opportunity on Monday! 

Consider driving an XL vehicle for this weekend

Since this is one of the first major events and holiday weekends of the summer, people will be eager to get together with larger groups of friends and family. You’re likely to see groups of 3-4 or more, so having the capacity to pick up these larger groups will definitely keep you busy throughout the weekend. 

Remember that little details go a long way for tips

Make sure to go the extra mile to enhance the opportunity for higher tips. We provide an article with plenty of ways to get more tips here. Some easy ways that you can do that is by having a few extra bottles of water or gum/candy on hand for your passengers, providing an extra cord to let them charge their phones, or even just by getting into the spirit and playing some fun music for them. We have a Spotify playlist that was curated by Uber drivers like you, to help with that!



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