Lockdown Lifting in London: Road Changes

Lockdown Lifting in London: Road Changes

At INSHUR we help our private hire drivers to get on the road, get earning and stay safe while doing it. As England’s lockdown eases, we highlight road changes in the capital that you should be aware of.

London’s roads are changing. Transport for London’s London’s Road Modernisation Plan is investing in making the roads in the capital safer, accessible to different types of vehicles and less congested. As part of the gradual process to modernise the city’s roads, there are some important road changes for you to know.

Ludgate Circus

(Road junction in the City of London where Farringdon Street/New Bridge Street crosses Fleet Street/Ludgate Hill).

Due to safety concerns around people walking at Ludgate Circus, there have been some changes to give people more time to cross at the junction.

Transport for London (TfL) has:

  • Banned left turns for all vehicles from Ludgate Hill into New Bridge Street
  • Built out the pavement on the southeast corner of the junction to stop vehicles turning left
  • Increased the length of time that people have to cross the southern arm of the junction (New Bridge Street)

As part of London’s Vision Zero strategy to put a stop to serious injury and deaths on London transport, the TfL advise road users to be alert for people crossing at Ludgate Circus.

Old Street Roundabout

There is a new road layout at Old Street roundabout as part of ongoing construction to make the junction of Old Street and City Road more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists.

The right turn from Old Street west into City Road south is now permanently banned, as well as the right turn from Mallow Street into Old Street.

Expect delays in all directions on the approach to the junction, as well as weekend closures.

Weekend closures

  • Saturday 20 February 05:00 until Sunday 21 February 20:00
  • Saturday 13 March 05:00 until Sunday 14 March 20:00
  • Saturday 03 April 05:00 until Sunday 4 April 20:00

Old Street west and City Road south will have directional closures from 05:00 on Saturdays to 20:00 on Sundays over closure weekends.

  • There will be no access between Old Street east and City Road south
  • There will be no access to the junction for eastbound traffic from Old Street west
  • The Inner Ring Road will remain open
  • Roads in the surrounding area are expected to be a lot busier – allow more time for your journey

Northumberland Avenue to Horse Guards Avenue

A new 25km-long sewer is being built under the Thames, with two major construction sites affecting the roads. The construction is expected to affect Victoria Embankment between Northumberland Avenue and Horse Guards Avenue throughout 2021.

There will still be two-way traffic along Victoria Embankment during the construction, although some overnight lane closures will be required throughout. Specific dates will be confirmed once they are known.

Hammersmith Road, King Street and Chiswick High Road

A new two-way cycle track is being built along Hammersmith Road, King Street and Chiswick High Road. This section of cycleway, forming part of Cycleway 9, is part of TfL’s plan to connect town centres in west London through Hammersmith and Chiswick. Cycleway 9 will run between Kensington Olympia and Brentford and is expected to be completed by summer 2022.

TfL have warned drivers to be aware of:

  • Restricted access to the South Circular from Wellesley Road and Stile Hall Gardens for motor vehicles (the aim is to make these residential streets more appealing places to walk and cycle)
  • Stepped cycle tracks (at a lower height than the footpath) in each direction on Brentford High Street
  • An eastbound stepped cycle track on Kew Bridge Road
  • A westbound cycle path through Waterman’s Park
  • Changes to bus stop locations and layouts, which includes new bus stop bypass for cyclists
  • Changes to parking and loading bays and hours of operation in these areas


The sewer construction mentioned above will also affect Blackfriars throughout 2021.

Changes to Cycleways at Blackfriars means that westbound traffic is diverted on the Victoria Embankment slip road. A signed diversion route is in place.

For westbound access to Victoria Embankment:

  • When travelling north on Blackfriars Road: use Stamford Street, IMAX roundabout, Waterloo Bridge, Strand, Arundel Street and Temple Place
  • When travelling south on New Bridge Street: use Fleet Street, Strand, Arundel Street and Temple Place

Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge is closed to all users and will remain closed until TfL are assured it is safe. TfL is investigating the safety of the bridge and will provide updates once they have a clearer idea of the length of the closure. Major refurbishment work on the bridge is currently being planned.

There are diversions via Chiswick Bridge and Putney Bridge, with delays on the diversion routes and other roads in the area expected.


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