How to Get Livery Insurance – INSHUR

How to Get Livery Insurance – INSHUR

Did you know that to drive for Uber Black, you need livery insurance, since personal auto insurance doesn’t cover it?

But what is livery insurance, and how can you get it? INSHUR has all the answers you need, including what “livery” means, so keep reading.

Just need insurance? We’re a preferred Uber insurer! Choose from our Silver or Gold policies for liability-only or fully comprehensive coverage.

Firstly, What is Livery Insurance?

Livery insurance is coverage taken out by drivers who use their vehicles on a for-hire basis. These could be Uber and rideshare drivers, limousine drivers, chauffeurs etc.

To carry paying passengers for Uber Black, you’ll need a livery policy on top of your regular driver’s coverage. This is to protect you, your passenger, your vehicle and other vehicles from potential accidents while you’re online and accepting rides. 

Okay, So What is A Livery Vehicle?

A “Livery” vehicle is any vehicle used for the transport of paying customers. This could be a taxi cab or chauffeured vehicle. 

The “livery” can be a logo, decal or decoration added to a vehicle to give it distinction. This could be Uber’s logo, company branding or identifiable colors such as the yellow taxi cabs of NYC.

Uber will send you decals to display if you’re using your personal vehicle to drive for Uber. 

However, there are additional vehicle requirements to drive for Uber Black, so make sure you read up on these first.

Livery exists on other modes of transport too! Although we don’t insure boats of course!

What Are the Uber Black Vehicle Requirements in Brief?

When passengers choose Uber Black for their ride, they expect a luxury vehicle. They also expect an excellent driving record from their driver.

You need a luxury vehicle that’s not more than 6 years old, with a leather or faux leather interior, and you need to maintain a driver rating above 4.85. 

Check Uber’s list here to see if your vehicle is eligible for Uber Black. 

Why Do I Need Livery Insurance?

If you’re involved in an accident where you’re at fault, you’re not covered under Uber’s third-party-only insurance. Therefore you could be paying an expensive bill if there are damages, injuries to you or to a potential third party.

Plus, Uber Black won’t accept you without the correct commercial auto insurance.

It’s important you get the right coverage to protect you, your business and those around you.

Where Can I Get Livery Insurance?

You can get online livery coverage from insurance experts INSHUR.

We’re partnered with Uber to bring Uber Black drivers in Arizona simple and easy digital insurance. 

Start now and click the button below.

Do I Need Insurance to Drive for Uber Black?

Yes. When signing up for Uber Black, you’ll need to provide insurance documents to show you hold commercial auto insurance. Your personal auto insurance is not enough. 

Ensure your coverage by quoting with us. All INSHUR policies meet Uber Black’s insurance requirements.

Is Livery Insurance Expensive?

Generally speaking, livery insurance can cost more than your personal coverage. 

However, INSHUR are experts in livery insurance, so we can help you keep costs down. 

We use multiple data points when creating your quote, so you’ll never be sure of the best price until you quote with us.

Plus, Uber Black drivers earn benefits when taking out INSHUR policies, so click below to discover yours!

What Does INSHUR Livery Insurance Cover?

Our policy options will cover you with liability insurance up to $250,000 while you are actively providing passenger transportation. This covers both bodily injury and property damage. 

Where Can I Learn More?

You can speak to our Driver Support team, who are happy to help you in either Spanish or English. 

Email us at [email protected]

You can also chat to us within our app.

Click here to find out more and to get your quote. 

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