Drive for Uber Black in California

Drive for Uber Black in California

If you’re tired of your 9-to-5 or struggling to find a job that fits around you, consider driving for Uber (or Uber Black) in California.

The advantage of flexible shifts and driving in your spare time can be a great way of earning additional money. Plus, if you’re already an Uber driver, upgrading to Uber Black could be more lucrative.

Do you live in the Golden State? If you want to drive for Uber in California, we have all the information you need to know. 

What Are the Benefits of Driving for Uber in California?

You’ll join thousands of Uber drivers globally who get paid to drive, including California Uber drivers. Uber’s driver network includes people from multiple backgrounds and ethnicities all making their job work for them. 

Flexible hours mean you can pick when you’d like to work around your schedule. Choose days, nights, or the occasional weekend. You can drive full-time or part-time. Driving for Uber gives you the freedom to work whenever you choose.

You don’t need previous experience – as long as you meet the minimum driver requirements and your vehicle meets Uber’s minimum standards, you can start earning.

Uber Black does require you to have experience driving with Uber. You’ll need a minimum amount of trips, and a 4.85 or above driver score. Uber has everything you need to know here.

What Are the Uber Driver Requirements in California?

First, you must meet the minimum age to drive in California, which is 25 for new drivers as of August 2023. If you’re looking to deliver Uber Eats, the minimum age is 19.

You must have at least 1 year’s driving experience, and you’ll have to clear a background check.

You must also have an eligible 4-door vehicle. 

If you’re thinking of upgrading to become an Uber Black driver, there are some additional requirements, including holding commercial auto insurance. 

INSHUR is launching in California very soon, bringing Uber Black drivers our “Excellent” rated Livery insurance policies. You’ll be joining thousands of Uber drivers who already trust INSHUR with their coverage. There’s no better time to consider becoming an Uber Black driver!

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What Documents Do I Need to Drive for Uber in California?

Most importantly you’ll need your driver’s license. Check with your local Transport authority about any additional permits or licenses you may need to drive in your city.

You’ll need to supply Uber with proof of address in your city, state or province. Check with Uber which specific documents they require, but usually, a utility bill or bank statement showing your address will suffice.

You’ll also need to provide proof of insurance. Uber insurance covers third-party only, meaning you’re not covered if you’re at fault in the event of an accident.

What is Uber’s Sign-Up Process?

Signing up to drive with Uber is easy, and you’ll be joining the thousands of drivers across the United States who have already signed up. 

You’ll need to submit a photo – either passport style or a photo clearly showing your head and shoulders, with good lighting if you can!

Uber also require you to provide information for a background check, and they’ll check the eligibility and condition of your vehicle. 

Informational Requirements

Can I Work Other Jobs Alongside Uber?

Yes, you can. 

Uber recognises that many drivers have additional occupations, and there are no rules as to how many jobs you can have alongside Uber.

If your vehicle is less than 20 years old, you may also qualify to deliver for Uber Eats, which is another fantastic way to make money. 

You can check Uber vehicle requirements here

To make more money with Uber, consider driving for Uber Black in California. You can find out more from Uber here

Why Should I Get Livery Insurance with INSHUR?

We mentioned above that in order to drive for Uber Black, you’ll need commercial auto insurance in addition to your personal coverage.

This is because Uber expects its Uber Black drivers to hold a higher level of coverage as a premium service. 

Usually, you would visit a broker and spend days waiting for your documentation to come through, meaning potential lost earnings while you wait.

With INSHUR, you’ll be able to purchase your livery coverage online. Our policies are 100% digital, and we have a dedicated support team ready to help you in Spanish or English.

We’ll be launching in California very soon to Uber Black drivers across the Golden State.

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