What Do You Need to Drive for Uber Black in Colorado?

What Do You Need to Drive for Uber Black in Colorado?

Colorado, the Centennial State. Home to Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, renowned for world-class skiing and outdoor adventures in resort cities such as Aspen, Breckenridge, Telluride, and SteamBoat Springs. 

With so much to see, becoming a Colorado Uber Black driver could be a fantastic way to explore the state, and get paid. 

We’ve got (almost) everything you need to know about how to drive for Uber Black in Colorado. 

First, What is Uber Black?

Uber Black is Uber’s premium service, matching passengers with unbeatable service and a top-of-the-line vehicle.

Your passengers will be paying a higher fare than Uber X, and therefore expect the highest quality of a luxury ride. 

As a driver, Uber expects you to meet top levels of service, which we’ll get into below. 

Additionally, Uber Black vehicles must meet Uber’s eligibility criteria to qualify for the service.

“Business class in the back seat” means your passengers show up in style, no matter their destination. 

What Are the Requirements for Uber Black Drivers in Colorado?

In order to drive for Uber Black in Colorado, Uber expects its drivers to meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a driver rating of or above 4.85
  • Have all permits required to drive in their city – You can check with your local government.
  • Hold commercial insurance – personal auto insurance is not enough coverage

You should also always remain professional and courteous to your passengers to maintain your excellent star rating. 

Nothing is too much for the customer, so prepare to adjust internal temperatures, help with luggage, open doors etc. 

You’ll also need to check the rules in your local area. You can check these with your local Transport authority. 

What Are the Vehicle Requirements to Drive for Uber Black in Colorado?

For your car to qualify for Uber Black, it must meet the following standards:

  • Be no older than 7 years old
  • Be an SUV or other luxury vehicle. Check Uber’s model list here (be sure to change your city)
  • Have a leather or faux leather interior with no visible stains
  • Black only exterior with no obvious damage

Your vehicle should be kept to a high standard, with no cosmetic damage or missing pieces. Passengers will also expect working windows, air conditioning and spotless interiors. 

What is the Salary for an Uber Black Driver in Colorado?

To calculate what a driver has earned, Uber uses a few different metrics. This means the exact amount earned is harder to pin down – however the following is based on a full-time driver working 40 hours a week:

  • Driver Location – are you in a busy city or in a rural area. Drivers in cities will likely earn more.
  • Surge Pricing – this is where passenger demand outstrips available drivers. You’ll earn larger fares during these times, such as rush hour. Keep an eye on pricing around busy areas like airports and popular hotels/bars/restaurants in cities.
  • Tips – Drivers keep 100% of the tips they earn, so it pays to keep a clean car and a friendly attitude.

An average UberX driver salary in Colorado could be $36,300 per year, but with Uber Black paying more per mile you can expect this amount to be much higher.  

How Can I Make Some Extra Cash as an Uber Black Driver in Colorado? 

According to this Reddit thread, picking up passengers outside Tejon bars in Colorado Springs is a guaranteed way to make use of Surge pricing. 

This isn’t exclusive to Colorado Springs – if you’re willing to risk an inebriated customer, you could make some decent surge price money helping your passenger get home safely. 

Accepting longer trips may result in better tips, but this isn’t guaranteed. However, as an Uber Black driver, it’s usually worth your while accepting longer trips over shorter trips.

Picking up passengers at airports can also be fruitful, but be mindful of permits and fees required by the airports to park up. 

What Are the Benefits of Driving for Uber Black in Colorado?

You’ll join thousands of Uber drivers globally who get paid to drive, including Colorado Uber drivers. Uber’s driver network includes people from multiple backgrounds and ethnicities all making their job work for them. 

Flexible hours means you can pick when you’d like to work around your schedule. Choose days, nights, or the occasional weekend. You can drive full-time or part-time. Driving for Uber Colorado gives you the freedom to work whenever you choose.

You don’t need previous experience – as long as you meet the minimum driver requirements and your vehicle meets Uber’s minimum standards, you can start earning.

Can I Work Other Jobs Alongside Uber Black?

Yes you can. Uber doesn’t set any restrictions on where else you can work while you drive for Uber. You can also drive for Uber X alongside Uber Black. 

Uber recognizes that many drivers have other occupations, and there are no rules as to how many jobs you can have alongside Uber. 

Since your Uber Black vehicle is less than 7 years old, you may qualify to deliver for Uber Eats, which is another fantastic way to top up your pay. 

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