INSHUR launches insurance for couriers & food delivery drivers

INSHUR launches insurance for couriers & food delivery drivers

INSHUR’s new insurance product will get courier and food delivery drivers insured and on the road in minutes.

Here at INSHUR, we’ve experienced great success with our private hire insurance product, which enables drivers to get an insurance policy entirely online without having to visit a broker’s office or pick up the phone. It’s our mission to get drivers insured and earning in minutes, so we’ve put drivers at the center of our product, using technology to make insurance quick, easy and fair.

Building on the success of our private hire insurance, we’ve expanded our product range to cater to the ever-increasing market of couriers and delivery drivers who are powering the new world economy.

With INSHUR, couriers and delivery drivers can now get insurance coverage in minutes from their smartphone so they can get on the road and start earning.

We’re responding to an urgent need in the market

There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of the delivery market. Lots of people are pivoting their driving business or taking up new roles in delivery at this time and require an insurance platform that can make that transition quick, user-friendly and tailored to the way they get their work.

Having food and other purchases delivered to our door has become a part of everyday life and so we’ve launched our new digital insurance product for couriers and delivery drivers to support the ‘new normal’. With people across the world confined to their homes, even the most tech-resistant of the population have had to learn how to order food or essential items to be delivered. It’s become convenient, familiar and, as a result, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. 

“We’ve positioned ourselves at the point of need”, explains our Co-Founder and COO David Daiches. “Consumer behaviour drives the products. You’ve got a whole new cohort of drivers who sign up to work for digitally-enabled companies online (like Uber, Amazon and Deliveroo) and want to get insurance online, too”.

Introducing the next generation of insurance

With a surge in food and parcel delivery, delivery companies need to onboard drivers quickly to meet demand. The traditional insurance market is simply not capable of getting drivers insured at the speed the delivery market requires and with the flexibility drivers need in this increasingly technology-driven industry.

The current insurance market is very analogue, making everything from getting an insurance quote to making a claim a hassle. INSHUR are revolutionizing the way that drivers get their insurance and how they use it. With our innovative online platform, a driver can have a policy within minutes, with our Driver Support Team on hand for anyone requiring assistance.

“The commercial motor space is very traditional and broker-led, so instantly you’ve got this pain point”, explains our VP of Insurance, Ed Hill. “You go into a broker or ring them up, they take all your details, you then have to wait while the broker goes to the insurer to get a price, and eventually they come back to you with terms. It takes forever and can be a complete nightmare for customers.”

“So at INSHUR we’ve turned the process on its head and go directly to the customer. We’re a virtual insurer open 24 hours a day and we can give a driver a quote in minutes, allowing them to buy a policy there and then. All of a sudden that lengthy process of having to deal with a broker has gone and you can get straight on the road”.

Getting courier and delivery drivers on the road

INSHUR is disrupting the world of the traditional broker by putting the driver first. Our digital insurance platform makes it easy for drivers to get a quote and an insurance policy within minutes. Drivers can get a quote, view their policy and renew their insurance all in one place, putting them in the driver’s seat in every sense of the word.

And what’s more, INSHUR’s online platform enables us to continually iterate on and add to our products, improving the experience our customers have at every turn.

Here are just a couple of the great reviews we’ve received from drivers:

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Wow, awesome, fantastic… So far one of the easiest insurance services platforms I have used. Forget the old way of getting insurance, cumbersome, intrusive, besides expending hours trying to find some best deals online you ring a person to get a quote and going through everything. For me, I will be using this company for taxi insurance and I would recommend to anyone.” 

Jose M. 25/1/2021 via Trustpilot

Light blue car“ I needed a vehicle insurance asap and INSHUR was very helpful. The process was quick and support was easily provided when needed during the application process.”  

Charles A. 27/12/2020  via Trustpilot

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