Thanking Our Community Champions

Thanking Our Community Champions

For the past weeks, INSHUR has been asking the driver community to nominate Community Champions. This can be themselves, or someone they know, who has been going above and beyond as the coronavirus outbreak continues to disrupt our lives.

Below, we’ll be sharing each winner as we select them and their story, so be sure to check back each week to see new ones! If you’d like to enter, the competition is open until 15th May and all you need to do is send your nomination with their story and an image or video to [email protected].


Our first winner was the wonderful Mariusz! Mariusz has been helping his neighbours by shopping for them and taking great care when doing so to ensure himself and everyone around him are safe. That includes using disposable gloves and mask for extra protection.

Mariusz | INSHUR TLC insurance


Next, we thanked Muhammad who has been working with UKIM on a programme called iCare for the last three years which provides food to people in need, such as struggling parents and asylum seekers. Normally, people visit a centre to pick up their food but during the pandemic, they reach out to people asking them what they need then deliver those goods to them!

Muhammed | INSHUR TLC insurance


Radu, our third winner, was nominated by a friend for helping someone he recently met, a man named Jesus. Due to coronavirus, Jesus found himself stuck far away from his home with very little. Our Community Champion provided Jesus with lots of food, expecting nothing in return. There was a video, but it’s since been deleted. Luckily, we provided a summary below translating it to English so we’ve got the full story!

Jesus is from Argentina living in England to be with his English girlfriend. The coronavirus put him in a very strenuous situation as he is unable to protect himself, he has no money and he had a bad Easter. But not all is bad because he has been blessed with a great friend, he proceeds to tell his wonderful story of Radu his new friend. Prior to meeting Radu, he had no food except one potato and he was terrified of what would become of him.

But that all changed when Radu gave him the most kindness a person could give. Radu, a man who has a wife and newborn child, brought him an abundance of food so that he could be able to survive. Radu is a Romanian man who he says brought him weird but delicious food – very different than what he is accustomed to. It’s been weeks since he has had meat. He goes over the food he got (fruits, cheese, meat). He likes eggs boiled not fried because it’s bad for you.

He talks about how grateful he is for Radu. Radu is not a millionaire he is a working man who works as a taxi driver in Cambridge. He is a man who breaks his back for his family and never expects anything in return. He hopes he could help Radu one day as he helped him.


Muhammad took a two-week trip to Pakistan before the pandemic really broke out in the West and has been stuck there ever since. However, despite him not being able to get home to the USA, he’s been helping the locals there that are less fortunate than himself by helping prepare their meals for over 100 people at a time. Impressive. Thank you Muhammad.

Muhammad | INSHUR TLC insurance


Lisa is a TLC driver in New York City who has founded an incredible initiative to bring masks to TLC drivers around the city for free. Working with local tailors, the handmade masks are made and distributed in-memory of Anil Subba, the first Uber driver to sadly die of coronavirus in April 2nd 2020.

You can RSVP to Lisa’s invitation for free masks here but please note that it’s a first-come-first basis – filling out this form does not guarantee a mask.

Lisa | INSHUR TLC insurance


Our final Community Champion is Zeeshan! Zeeshan was born in Pakistan & moved to the UK in 2004 where he completed his MBA degree at the London South Bank University. He then went into the world of work, got his British citizenship and has been living here ever since. He now has a family of a wife and two twin daughters.

Zeeshan is the only person from his whole family to move from Pakistan and then settle in the UK so he has many relatives & friends still living in Pakistan and it’s a place he obviously cares about a lot.

He was having a telephone conversation with one of his friends in Pakistan when this Pandemic has started and realised that people across Pakistan may soon find themselves out of work due to the outbreak of coronavirus. For daily wage earners, no work means no pay. Therefore, Zeeshan realised they could soon be unable to purchase food for their families and it would even affect those people who depend on monthly salaries too.

So, Zeeshan had an idea to start sourcing money from people he knew could help to help those who are affected. So far, he’s raised over £1200 which has already been distributed through trusted sources to groceries to people who need them. You can see and donate to Zeeshan’s page by clicking here.

Zeeshan | INSHUR TLC insurance

Nominate a community champion

Thank you to everyone who nominated someone to this competition. We really enjoyed learning everyone’s stories and it definitely made our hearts warmer!

Let us know if you enjoyed it too, and we can look into doing something similar again in the future. Just email us at [email protected] letting us know what you thought.

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