Big Apple – Best of the Bunch

Big Apple – Best of the Bunch

The city that never sleeps stays in front. In a poll by HyreCar, a PHV rental platform, New York comes out number one in a ranking of the best US cities to be an Uber driver.

Here’s the top ten countdown

  1. New York City. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. In Uber’s biggest US market, earnings per trip using the premium UberX might average as much as $29.34.
  2. San Francisco. A mature Uber market with a large swell of tourists, the Bay Area has constant ride demand.
  3. San Jose. Silicon Valley and a host of attractions make this prime Uber territory. At rush hour, it’s their busiest market in the country.
  4. Miami. Locals, thin public transport and many tourists keep drivers on the move.
  5. Phoenix. You didn’t expect this city to be number five? Well, it has higher average earnings per driver than any similar sized location.
  6. Pittsburgh. This is the test site for Uber’s driverless car program, but that’s in its infancy. In the meantime, solid local and business rides make this a busy driver town.
  7. Salt Lake City. The city airport is now open to Uber drivers again, expanding the opportunity for good earnings.
  8. Chicago. A tough  city to drive at any time, high resident incomes and a compact metro area make this fertile territory for drivers willing to tackle the conditions.
  9. Seattle. Dense population, high average income, difficult weather – all great elements for driver opportunity.
  10. Washington DC. Solid incomes, plenty of government business and weather that plays into a driver’s hands power DC’s Uber success.

No matter where you operate, the demand for Uber is increasing. This is no shock. Uber is a modern answer to an old problem of expensive, hard to find cabs. Fact is, technology-led solutions like ride-hailing apps are creating new business opportunities and expanding welcome choices for their customers. Sounds a lot like INSHUR doesn’t it?

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