Best Places to Pick Up Uber Rides in Phoenix, Arizona

Best Places to Pick Up Uber Rides in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you a professional driver wondering where to pick up Uber rides in Phoenix? Perhaps you’re new to livery driving and are unsure where the best rides are.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best passenger hotspots for you – including the city’s flagship stadium.

The Valley of the Sun is the 10th largest city in the United States, and the biggest city in the south of the country. Here’s our pick of the best places to pick up passengers:

Heard Museum

Founded in 1919, the Heard Museum is dedicated to the preservation and protection of Native American art. Situated in downtown Phoenix, the museum is a popular tourist spot for those seeking to know more about the rich indigenous history of the lands. 

Musical Instrument Museum

This is the world’s only museum dedicated to musical instruments, with over 15,000 pieces in their collection. They regularly hold concerts and events, with the message that music is the language of the soul. You can find the MIM here

Phoenix Zoo

The only accredited zoo in the valley, Phoenix Zoo is dedicated to the conservation of it’s over 3,000 animals. They hope to inspire visitors to care for the natural world and the beautiful creatures around them. Always popular with families, they host a lot of charity events throughout the year, including a Spooky Safari in October! You can find them here.

Valley Bar

Next on our list, the Valley Bar revels in the artistic history of downtown Phoenix. This area is where huge bands like Green Day played their first gigs! The Valley Bar regularly holds gigs from local talent, and their shows frequently sell out. Accessing the bar is via a small alley on the building’s West side.

Cobra Arcade Bar

The Cobra Arcade Bar is dedicated to adults who like to play vintage and retro arcade games. Located near the convention centre, the bar offers happy hour, plenty of unique cocktails and a unique gaming experience. Plus pinball! Undoubtedly a certified hotspot during the weekends, you can find the bar here. 

Malls – Desert Sky Mall, Arizona Center, Biltmore Fashion Park

If your passenger is in town to shop, they’re in the right place! There are plenty of bustling malls and shopping centres to choose from in Phoenix, so we’ve picked out the top 3. 

Desert Sky features a cinema and boutique marketplace. Arizona Centre boasts shopping, office spaces and a cinema. Meanwhile Biltmore Fashion Park offers visitors the luxury experience, with Ralph Lauren and Saks Fifith Avenue to name but a few high-end sellers. 

State Farm Stadium

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the home of the Arizona State Cardinals, the State Farm Stadium. Capable of seating 64,000 people, the stadium hosted the 2023 Super Bowl. If there’s anywhere to pick up Uber rides in Phoenix, it’s here! You can expect the stadium to be incredibly busy on game days – they have a dedicated rideshare area at the south of the stadium in the Back Lot. Check out their calendar of events to plan when your Uber rides are likely to be. 

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