The top 10 rideshare influencers to watch right now

The top 10 rideshare influencers to watch right now

After a long shift or when in between trips, sometimes it’s nice to check in with how other drivers are finding life on the road. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest rideshare influencers out there who are sharing their experiences on YouTube and elsewhere with the driver community and beyond. 

Whether you’re after viral videos, want to keep up to date with the latest changes affecting drivers, or are looking for some tips and info as a new driver, you can find it all online. 

In no particular order, here are just some of the YouTubers, bloggers, podcasters and more who are keeping drivers and gig workers entertained and informed. 

Ryan Is Driving

YouTube subscribers: 885,000

Most popular video: 28m views

Ryan’s channel offers a window into the kind of conversations that spring up between driver and rider. All passenger life is here, from the annoying (as seen in his most popular video ‘Woman tries to get a free ride’), the drunken late-night chats, the fun conversations and the deeper ones. 

The Rideshare Guy

YouTube subscribers: 99,300

Most popular video: 3.8m views

Founded by Harry Campbell in 2015, offers a host of resources for gig economy workers, from tips on maximizing your driving income through Uber, Lyft and other platforms to gig worker news. It’s grown to be a slick operation, with a team producing regular blogs, newsletters, podcasts and videos.

Drive Girl Drive

YouTube subscribers: 12,700

Most popular video: 197,000 views

Cecily’s Drive Girl Drive channel offers a female perspective on getting started as a rideshare driver, and includes best practice, advice on handling difficult situations and a down to earth view on how she handles the job. Over the past year she has also posted help for people applying for pandemic unemployment assistance and unemployment claims. 



YouTube subscribers: 12,800

Most popular video: 683,000 views

Kym’s vlogs are packed with information, with a lot of tips-style videos on being a good rideshare driver or passenger. There are also useful videos around things like the basics of credit scores and managing finances. 

Dustin Is Driving

YouTube subscribers: 128,000

Most popular video: 6.5m views

Dustin is an Uber driver in New Jersey and set up his channel in 2017. He’s posted a lot of videos in that time, sometimes hosting content from other drivers. There’s all kinds of compilations here, like the ‘Karens’ of rideshare, dashcam footage, the funny rides and the crazy stories.

Your Driver Mike

YouTube subscribers: 51,300

Most popular video: 230,000 views

Mike is based out of Pittsburgh and has been running his channel for over four years. A lot of his recent videos are focused on the different food delivery apps and seeing how they compare, which could be useful if you’re looking to get into or take on more of this kind of work. 

The Rideshare Hub

YouTube subscribers: 61,100

Most popular video: 627,000 views

Dylan Himmerich set up his channel in 2015. Like The Rideshare Guy, The Rideshare Hub is geared at new and experienced drivers looking to learn more about the job and make more money. Content spans Uber, Lyft and other rideshare platforms, plus food delivery apps. 

Steph On The Pedal

YouTube subscribers: 20,700

Most popular video: 303,000 views

Steph describes her channel as being about entrepreneurship, side hustles and gig work. Her channel has been going since 2019, and among other things her videos cover working for Amazon Flex, Uber and Postmates.


YouTube subscribers: 916,000

Most popular video: 20m views

For something a bit different, if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to drive for Uber in Australia, this channel is your answer. Darren’s videos are mostly geared around funny Uber rides, though his most popular video is completely different – how he was forced to be a getaway car in a robbery. 

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