NYC Taxi Driver Goes Viral With Insane Basketball Skills 🏀

NYC Taxi Driver Goes Viral With Insane Basketball Skills 🏀

A New York taxi driver has gone viral with his incredible basketball skills!

Posting on Instagram, George Papoutsis shows off his skills to his followers, taking on much younger players on popular outdoor city basketball courts. His seemingly impossible shots have made him an on and off-line sensation, where he performs long-distance slam dunks for strangers he meets on the streets of New York. 

The idea? Simply to make people smile.

Check Out The New York Taxi Driver’s Basketball Skills

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This slam-dunking cabbie has brought many smiles to the New York streets, and now to social media too. Importantly, George’s unique skills also show the importance of keeping active when you have a sit-down job.

How New York Taxi Drivers Can Keep Fit

As a New York taxi driver, you may spend many hours sitting in your car, which is not great for your health. However, this can be combatted with regular exercise.

Getting out of your cab often and raising your heart rate is really important. The good news is that New York has many outdoor facilities that can make it easy to get a quick workout in during your breaks.

Top Places in New York for an Outdoor Workout

New York may be the busiest concrete jungle but that doesn’t mean there aren’t places to work out. Taxi drivers looking to stretch their legs and get a sweat on can pull up and make use of the following outdoor facilities:

New York City Parks

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park and Bryant Park provide beautiful green spaces to run or jog. Many New York parks also have tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, so you could arrange to meet with friends in between shifts and enjoy sports together. Combining exercise with socializing can make it more enjoyable, make you more likely to keep it up and is even better for all-around wellness.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Free gym equipment can be found in many New York parks and provides a great way to fit a quick workout in. Outdoor fitness parks are also free and accessible, so why not take a walk and breathe in that fresh air?

Citi Bike Rental

New York City has some beautiful spots for cycling. However, if you’re driving your taxi you probably won’t have your bike with you. Not to worry – you can hire one from Citi Bike Rental. Simply sign up and you can head to a bike station, unlock a bike and ride around your favourite park for as little as $3.99.

What Taxi Drivers Can Learn From George Papoutsis

It’s important to stay healthy and exercise can strengthen both physical and mental well-being. As a taxi driver, it can be easy to take your breaks in your car or sat in a cafe. However, though few of us will have the ball skills of George Papoutsis, we can be inspired by his enthusiasm and commitment to staying fit and healthy, regardless of his age. Finding opportunities to work out and keep active is even more important for taxi drivers who spend so much time sitting in a small space. Regular fresh air breaks can also help you to stay alert, making you a safer driver.

More Help For Taxi Drivers

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