New Bill to Pay New Yorkers to Report Vehicles Parked In Bike Lanes 🚲

New Bill to Pay New Yorkers to Report Vehicles Parked In Bike Lanes 🚲

In NYC there are thought to be around 2,300 Parking Enforcement Officers. However, a new bill could mean that any member of the public could step in their shoes and report parking violations – and get paid for doing so.

How Will The Proposal To Increase NYC Parking Enforcement Work?

A new bill will look to encourage New Yorkers to report illegal parking by providing video or photo evidence. If this results in action, the reporter can receive up to 25% of the $175 fine.

As of now, the bill is at the proposal stage, spearheaded by NYC Councillor, Lincoln Restler. It’s modelled on current legislation which rewards citizens for reporting idling commercial vehicles.

The proposal aims to cut down on cars parking in bike lanes, on sidewalks, crosswalks and outside building entrances. Many people believe that increasing how many fines are issued could make cycling safer by stopping cars from entering cycle lanes, currently forcing cyclists onto busy roads.

How Might This Affect NYC Cab Drivers?

Incentivising the public to report parking violations means more fines could be given. Unfortunately, it also means that since only photo or video evidence will be needed, cab drivers dropping passengers off or picking them up may receive wrongful parking fines.

As a cab driver, you must make sure you’re not blocking bike lanes or parking illegally. If passengers ask you to pull over into a cycle lane, it’s essential to let them know it’s illegal to do so. Using cycle lanes to drop off, pick up, or park might be tempting, but you risk a hefty fine. Additionally, you could be issued with an ‘obstructing traffic lane’ ticket, meaning two points could be taken from your license.

Parking fines and points can damage your career as a private hire driver, but stopping in cycle lanes is also dangerous. Blocking bike lanes can force riders to swerve into traffic potentially causing accidents. Try to use the floating traffic lanes that create a space between the road and the cycle lane and make sure you never obstruct a cycle lane.

What Could This Mean For NYC Cab Drivers?

Should the bill be successful, NYC cab drivers will need to be more vigilant. If the general public can receive $44 for reporting you then it’s more likely they will. It’s very easy for people to snap a photo on their phone of you parked illegally, even if you’ve only pulled over for a few seconds. Unfortunately, there will be little opportunity to argue your case. 

Ensure you know what is and isn’t a traffic violation, as well as what might look like one if someone were to take a picture. Also, tell your fellow taxi drivers about this new bill and what it could mean for them too.

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