What is NR3?

What is the NR3 National Taxi Driver Register?

 Local Governments launch new Register NR3.
 NR3 tracks all professional drivers who have licensed refused or revoked.
 It works nationwide.
 Drivers refused or revoked unable to apply elsewhere without issues being detected.
 May make it difficult or impossible for such drivers to work anywhere.
 Data viewable by councils 24/7.
 90% of UK councils signed up to NR3.

What Does the NR3 National Taxi Driver Register Mean to You?

As of July, all UK professional drivers will be under added pressure to keep their licence clean. A new National Register of UK taxi drivers known as NR3 aims to curb the activities of those, who are cavalier with their livelihood. From now on, license refusal or revocation by any council licensing authority will follow you no matter where you go.

What is NR3?

Launched by the Local Government Association, (LGA), NR3 has been created to keep track of all major penalties incurred by PHV and Black Cab drivers. The first of its kind, it works nationwide. Operated on behalf of the LGA by the anti-fraud service NAFN – an organisation that compiles and
maintains databases of fraudulent activities by government workers and contractors.

It will amass shared information from over 90% of councils in the country. The data can be viewed by any member organisation to check the status and background of a license applicant. LGA members submit information on individuals and companies on a voluntary basis. They’re not compelled to provide negative data… Yet.

Why is it Needed?

According to the LGA, the primary purpose of NR3 is to keep track of drivers who have their license refused or revoked. Until now, any driver receiving such a penalty could easily seek licensing in another council jurisdiction without fear that past transgressions would be uncovered. This blind spot allowed disqualified drivers to keep driving and keep working without detection. NR3 will stop this practice, as it allows any council in the UK to instantly check all PHV and Cab drivers when they apply for a license. The data is viewable 24/7.

How Does it work?

It’s very simple. When a driver is refused a new taxi license or has a current license revoked due to a serious issue, the local licensing authority submits the information to NAFN. It’s then added to the register and open for scrutiny by any Local Government and their appointed contractors.

How Does it Affect You?

It creates pressure to follow best practices and keep your license clean. Major errors will follow you everywhere.

The decision to issue a license will remain with each local licensing authority, as no set of sanctions has been formally agreed. However, it seems likely that NR3 will become a blacklist that prevents transgressors or those deemed unfit to hold a professional driver’s license from working in the

What’s the Outcome?

You can’t run, you can’t hide. Get an application turned down or have your license yanked and you may need to find a new profession. The only answer? Stay safe, be honest, be polite and protect what you’ve worked hard to achieve.

What are your thoughts on NR3? Let us know.

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