Top 7 Places to Pick Up Uber Passengers in Los Angeles

Top 7 Places to Pick Up Uber Passengers in Los Angeles

Being an Uber driver in LA (Los Angeles) can be competitive. With so many passengers demanding a ride, it can be hard to know the best places to pick up Uber passengers in Los Angeles.

In this post, we’ll look at the top 7 places, including lucrative tourist hotspots.

In no particular order…

Paramount Studios, Hollywood

A true icon of the big and small screen, Paramount Studios has been host to countless productions in its 100+-year history. 

Visitors follow the footsteps of Elvis and Audrey Hepburn and a whole host of other huge stars. Plus see where James Cameron and Steven Spielberg made their Oscar-winning blockbusters.  

For the rest of 2023, Paramount is currently offering LA locals a discount, so expect a few more rides from residents!

Uber pick up/drop off zone is
Paramount Pictures Melrose Gate:

5555 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038

You must clear security before you’re allowed on site, so don’t expect to drive straight in. 

Perhaps consider renaming yourself the Hollywood Uber?

Paramount Studios History

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

There’s vacation spending money, and then there’s Rodeo Drive.

Bursting with designer brands and luxury boutiques, passengers can schmooze with the wealthiest clientele on this world-famous drive. 

It’s also a popular destination for celebs, so who knows which famous face you might have in your car next!

Popular LA Uber drop-off and pick-up points include the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and Tiffanys just opposite. 

Sunset Boulevard

Home to the Sunset Strip, Sunset Boulevard comes alive after dark with its many bars and restaurants. 

The list of iconic locations is numerous –  including the Comedy Store, the Hollywood Palladium and the Viper Room. 

A hotspot for tourists and locals alike, as a Los Angeles Uber driver you should be kept busy with revellers soaking up everything the nightlife has to offer.

Santa Monica Pier

Did you know the Santa Monica pier was originally built in 1909 to cover a 1,600 foot-long sewage pipe?

Nowadays, the Pier is an icon of the Santa Monica coastline. It boasts magnificent piers, amusement parks and a grand Ferris wheel. 

The pier is a hit with families and travellers alike, and you’ll find the pier attracting visitors year-round to their amusement park.

As with any waterside attraction, Santa Monica’s peak is in Summer – but the pier holds events year-round attracting a wide variety of audiences.  

To avoid heavy traffic congestion, the Pier recommends LA Uber drivers drop their passengers off at 1550 Appian Way. Riders can then walk along the beach until the pier. 

The Hollywood Sign

It doesn’t get more iconic than this.

The Hollywood Sign has graced the hills of LA since 1923. Back then the sign was an advertisement for a nearby development called “Hollywoodland”, and was meant to be temporary.

Renovated in 1978, the sign was updated to a steel structure – it’s hard to imagine a time without those giant white letters. 

A quick search gives multiple different drop-off points, including the Griffith Observatory and Mulholland Drive – check out this Reddit thread for more traffic-beating locations for Uber drivers to drop off passengers. 

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory sits atop a hill next to the iconic Hollywood Sign. Celebrating its 85th birthday in 202, the Griffith Observatory is the most-visited observatory on the planet. 

With exhibits, a planetarium and an unbeatable view, the Observatory is a must-do for any tourist, with high numbers of visitors year-round. 

The Griffith Observatory work hard on conserving the historic building and grounds for future generations – this means you won’t be able to linger for long outside. 

There’s a bus stop from the Vermont/Sunset Metro Red Line if you’d rather drop passengers there to avoid traffic, or there’s a drop-off zone (in red below) right outside the attraction. 

Hollywood Bowl

Since opening in 1922, the Hollywood Bowl has been host to some of the best artists in the world. Focused on keeping the Bowl running, they operate as a leading non-profit organization.

The Bowl hosts huge musical artists and Broadway Musicals, as well as their own in-house orchestra.

The Bowl puts on hundreds of shows every year, and shows can get pretty busy. Dropping off passengers is easy enough, but locating for pick up among thousands of faces is a challenge. 

You might be better off 5 blocks away in Franklin, or consider the Hilton Garden Hotel as an alternative pickup location. 


We couldn’t finish our list without including the House of Mouse, Disneyland. 

Guaranteed to pull in the crowds, Disney’s mix of childhood nostalgia, thrill rides and pixie dust makes it a hit no matter the time of day, and year-round. 

If you’re looking to make some extra cash for Christmas, Disneyland is the place to go, though the Anaheim resort is rarely free of crowds.

You can pick up and drop off near the entrance on Harbor Boulevard – but be warned. At night, especially after the fireworks, the exits become very crowded and you may be forced to wait for your passenger to exit the park. 

Uber Los Angeles – Worth It?

There are so many amazing places in Los Angeles, our list doesn’t even scratch the surface. Venice Beach has long been home to surfers and beach bathers, those looking for culture head to the Huntington, and Grand Central Market is a melting pot of cultures who call LA their home. 

More and more people are leaving their vehicles at home and continue to hail rides using apps like Uber. But with more demand comes more competition, so make sure you’re ahead of the curve by knowing exactly where to be at what time. 

This will make you a reliable Uber driver in Los Angeles – one who is familiar with the sights, and who knows the sweet spots to pick up Uber rides. Soon, you’ll be an expert on where to find Uber passengers in Los Angeles.

Time Out has a further list of LA must-sees- consider focusing your time on these places when you’re on the road looking for fares.

Stay safe out there! Always choose the ride that fits you, taking into account traffic conditions and average travel time. Give yourself plenty of breaks – and remember to enjoy the ride in the City of Angels. 

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