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How is my quote estimate calculated?

Your estimate is calculated on the limited information you’ve shared with us. We compare this information with our whole database and match you against drivers we have more information for, and can therefore give an estimate of what your price will be. 

How do I get a full quote?

Click here to get a full quote in under 3 minutes!

What’s the difference between a quote estimate and a full quote?

With your estimate, we only have limited information about you, which is why it’s so quick to get.
Your full quote, which can still be done very quickly in under three minutes, is calculated with all the information we need to calculate it properly.

We’re a selected insurance partner of Uber and upload your documents for you.

Uber drivers get personalised quotes and benefits based on their driving score and Uber Pro status.

Plus, INSHUR policies automatically cover you for food delivery use at no extra cost and you’re always covered for social, domestic and pleasure (SDP).

Or, click here for food delivery cover only.



Why private hire drivers trust Inshur

Personalised quotes

Uber drivers get personalised quotes and benefits based on your driving score and Uber Pro status.

Get insured in minutes

Easy, 100% digital insurance so you can get driving and earning fast.

Cover for all platforms

Cover includes all private hire platforms, food delivery and personal use. All you need is an Uber driver login.

Questions about how it works? Read FAQs here.

We can protect you with
our private hire insurance if you:

  • Are at least 23 years old
  • Have held a full UK driving licence for at least 24 months
  • Have an Uber driver login
  • Have a vehicle with up to 8 passenger seats

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