PHV Insurance

What is PHV Insurance?

In the UK, the PHV in PHV insurance refers to Private Hire Vehicles (taxis), that provide passenger transport on a ‘for-hire’ or ‘hire and reward’ basis. These vehicles must be pre-booked for each fare and cannot be hailed in the street, (‘plying for hire’).

PHV are typically minicabs, minibuses and vehicles with up to eight seats. All types must affiliate with a licensed PCO base or a ride-hailing app such as Uber, Lyft or Gett. PHV insurance applies to private hire vehicles only so it can also be considered as car insurance for minicab and PCO drivers if other arrangements haven’t been made. It does not cover Public Hire Taxis that ply for hire and may pick up riders without the need for pre-booking. You cannot use PHV insurance as cover for a Public Hire Taxi or vice-versa.

UK law states that you must have commercial vehicle insurance to operate a PHV. Obtaining such insurance often requires many phone calls, visits to broker offices, production of paperwork, filling in forms and time away from driving. It can be a slow and lengthy process.

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Buying PHV Insurance with INSHUR.

INSHUR is a fast and convenient way to purchase affordable minicab or PCO insurance for private hire vehicles. It’s 100% digital, so we usually deliver your policy in minutes and not just a quote. There are no calls, visits, papers or forms, all you need is your mobile phone. Buy your cover at exclusive rates, choose flexible payment terms and manage your policy by using the INSHUR app.