Where are the Riders in NYC this August

Where are the Riders in NYC this August

Where the Riders are in New York in August

New York’s a busy city, but some places are busier than others at certain times of year. At INSHUR we look for ways to help you make more money – revealing where the crowds are is one of them. They say that good business is where you find it, but many Uber drivers will be cruising for riders in all the same old places. We think that’s way too competitive. Instead, here are some busy spots that may get overlooked. Scoop up the riders that the others never see.


Secret Summer NYC

Event: Cocktail party extravaganza.

Where: The Foundry. 42-38, 9th Street, Long Island City.

When: Sunday, 4th August. Times: 3.00pm – 9.00pm.

It’s a cocktail, dance and food festival all in one. Expect a throng for this immersive booze event that’s in its fifth year. With live music, deejays and enough food to soak up all the alcohol, it will leave plenty of part-goers in need of a ride.

Insider’s scoop: Enter 9th Street from the North end, off Queens Plaza South:

Bryant Park Mass Yoga Classes

Event: Mass outdoor yoga lessons.

Where: Bryant Park.

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday thru August.

Times: 10.00am Tuesdays. 6.00pm Thursdays. Classes last 60 minutes.

Yoga followers do their thing in Bryant Park all year round, but in August the numbers swell, with over 1200 mats laid out and mass lessons given. Many may not want to take the subway or bus, and after an hour stretching in the down-dog pose, you could be the cure for their aching backs and muscles.

Insider’s scoop: Classes share The Lawn to Upper Terrace, so drop and pick-up halfway along 42nd Street or West 40th for both.

Summer Streets 2019

Event: 7 miles of street events.

Where: Brooklyn Bridge/Park Avenue/Central Park.

When: Saturdays, 3rd ,10th, 17th August.

Times: 7.00am to 1.00pm.

Summer Streets is back, offering events, shows, food and more over seven miles of car-free streets. This may attract many other Uber drivers, but with a little inside knowledge, you’ll get more. See the route map to discover access points for the hundreds of thousands who will attend. If you’re coming from the North, the action starts at 51st Street and runs down Park towards 25th . This takes in the children’s zone, picnic area and dance festival rest stops. If you’re coming in from the South, Canal Street and Houston give you access to the workout zone and the zipline (a prime attraction), on Lafayette. Work the side streets!

Insider’s scoop: With major roads closed, access will be tricky. Find routes here:

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Event: Two days of jazz and dance.

Where: Governor’s Island.

When: Saturday & Sunday, 24-25th, August.

Times: From noon.

The golden age of jazz comes to Governor’s Island. This music, food and drink festival is a picnic wrapped inside a concert and an outdoor dance hall. Many will choose the ferry to get to the Island. Terminals at Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan and Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park will be busy.

Insider’s scoop: Watch the ferry times for loading and unloading rider opportunities – click the button below to check times.


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