Welcome to Sergio Sanchez

One of the things which drive us every day is the personal understanding of what life is like as a driver in NYC. Our founders came to NYC 30 years ago and drove taxi’s to make a living; it’s something we never forget, and we hope, sets us apart.

We have been looking for drivers to join the team for some time, and we have found our first driver. We welcome Sergio Sanchez to the team.

Sergio Sanchez is a 28-year-old entrepreneur with several rideshare ventures under his belt. One of his more well-known businesses came about during the 2013 green taxi initiative.

Sergio started with five wheelchair accessible vehicles and quickly grew his fleet to 45 in as little as two years. During this time he accumulated experience in hiring and managing employees and drivers. In his now words, he ‘fell in love’ with the taxi industry and wanted to build one of the largest fleets in the city.

He started to innovate the way taxi rentals and drivers operated for the last several years and introduced several new features to managing a taxi fleet. His love for the drivers made him a hands-on business owner, always available to all of his drivers.

But his business soon slowed as more and more Uber vehicles started rolling out to the streets, competing with his green taxis.

Like any good entrepreneur, the most significant lessons are learned when things don’t work. Sergio is back driving full-time and still maintains a high level of optimism and passion for the New York taxi industry.

He said: “I believe that there are still many more positive changes that will benefit the industry, especially for drivers. The insurance business in the taxi industry is a major factor in the success of the drivers. But the insurance business is still very much outdated. I see INSHUR as an exception, its a modern way to get cover. Its a smart digital business that’s backed by one of the worlds largest and secure insurance companies, that’s a powerful combination.”

Sergio will be part of the driver facing support team; his first campaign will be driver engagement, visiting hi-frequency locations around the city to invite new drivers to consider INSHUR.

INSHUR’s Head of Marketing, Paul Doran, said: “We love Sergio’s experience and passion for the NYC taxi market. He can talk to drivers as a true ambassador for our product. He’s a welcome addition to our growing team.”