Easy Ways To Reduce Stress As A Driver In New York

Easy Ways To Reduce Stress As A Driver In New York

How Can an FHV Driver Reduce Stress?

 Reduce stress by using social media to connect to friends and family.
 Take meaningful breaks from behind the wheel.
 Set time or income limits each day.
 Keep positive thoughts to the front.
 Don’t turn to smoking or caffeine to cope.

The Big Chill. Reducing FHV Driver Stress.

Driving in the 21st century is stressful – heavy traffic, poor roads, traffic cameras, parking issues, the list is endless. However, when you drive for a living, the stress goes off the scale. Now there’s also the need to make money, keep a clean license, follow strict rules, deal with difficult passengers, etc. No wonder FHV driving in New York is considered one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Healthline names stress as a significant cause of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other life-threatening illnesses. Keeping your stress dialed down is key. However, most stress-buster advice will tell you to do things like walk on the beach, take up a hobby, visit friends, go surfing, but it’s tough doing that as you motor through the Mid-Town. Instead, INSHUR gives you five easy tips to lower stress.

Do them while you work:

Connect with people: A good support network of colleagues, friends, and family can ease your work troubles and help you see things in a different way. Do this using social media like WhatsApp and Facebook. (But please, not when you’re on the move). A good laugh, a news-swap or just a chance to let off steam with people you know is a proven stress buster.

Take some ‘me’ time: In the US, we already work longer hours than they typically do in Europe, so don’t add to the pile. Stop for regular and meaningful breaks when you’re out on the road, (five minutes for lunch is not enough). Take some ‘chill’ time, (at least half an hour) away from the wheel. Read the paper, listen to a talking book, play sudoku. There’re always more rides, you’ve only one body.

Set limits: It’s too easy to stay out there if the rides are available. But the longer you’re on the road, the more stress you incur. Set a daily limit – time or income – and when you reach it, switch off and go back to the real world. Tilt your work-life balance in favor of your health.

Be positive: Keep your glass half full, not half empty. Concentrate on the positive things in your life and for which you can be grateful. Post photos of family and friends in the car. Keep a journal of the good things that happen to you. Refer to it if ever things look bleak. Happy moments can travel with you and last all day long.

Avoid unhealthy habits: Don’t rely on smoking or caffeine as your ways of coping. This is called avoidance behavior and it will only make the effects of stress much worse. Drink water, eat properly, get out of the car and walk a little while you wait for rides to come in.

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