VIP Code Offer Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions Of VIP Code Offer

INSHUR app users who received a VIP code from INSHUR, an INSHUR representative or through marketing material (flyers, cards, messages or other) will receive a £25/$25 Amazon voucher when they enter the VIP code in the process of retrieving their first quote in the INSHUR app. To be eligible, you must simply register for an INSHUR app account, by providing your name, email address and scanning a valid private hire drivers license, drivers license and complete your quote.

Eligibility is NOT based on you buying any product or service (including any insurance product). INSHUR may terminate this program in its sole discretion without prior notice to any INSHUR app user. This offer may only be used once by each individual during their first quote.

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this offer.

Vouchers are emailed to eligible participants in the form of Amazon vouchers with the value of £25/$25.

Vouchers will be issued within approximately 4-6 weeks of completing the initial quote.