Earn money by referring your friends

For every driver that takes out a policy with INSHUR using your unique VIP Code, you’ll get a £10 Amazon voucher. And they’ll get £25 just for getting a quote.

How do you refer your friends to INSHUR? It’s easy.

1 | You’ll get a unique VIP Code that you can share with fellow drivers

2 | When they download the INSHUR app and get a quote, tell them to enter your unique VIP Code (Ami requests it in the app)

3 | The more successful referrals you make, the more Amazon vouchers you’ll receive

Here are some other important points you need to know

Your Amazon vouchers will be sent to your email address every two weeks.
This is a new scheme and you must request to be involved. If you’d like to, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Since it’s new, we’re especially keen to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you’re on the scheme and have something to share, please tell us here.

Register to take part


My friend entered the VIP Code wrong, can I still get my voucher?

Your friend must ensure they input your VIP Code exactly right, otherwise, the computer won’t pick it up.

When do I get my vouchers?

We’ll issue your vouchers once every two weeks, or as close to this as we can. They’ll be sent straight to your email address and will be sent directly from Amazon to you.

Why can I only earn Amazon vouchers?

Members of this scheme told us that’s what they liked but we’re always open to new ideas! If you’d prefer something else, please email us at feedback@inshur.com and we’ll bear it in mind in the future.

I can’t find my unique VIP Code, what should I do?

We’ve only invited a limited number of drivers onto this scheme. If you want to be involved, please fill out the form above and we’ll be in touch!

If you did receive a unique VIP Code but you can no longer find it, email us at feedback@inshur.com and we’ll happily send it to you again.