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By registering for the refer a friend scheme, you can give an, Tesco or Deliveroo gift card to all fellow drivers and you get one too! When your friend or colleague purchases their first policy with INSHUR, you’ll both receive an email with your gift card.

After registering for the refer a friend scheme, you’ll be given the option to share a personalised link with your friends by email, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or you can simply copy and paste the link and send via any channel of your choice.

To get their reward, your friend needs to click on your personalised link, sign up to the scheme and purchase a policy with INSHUR.

The offer can be shared for 2 months from the date of acceptance by the referrer, provided that both the referrer and referree sign up to the scheme during the defined offer timelines.

To be eligible for the reward, your friend must be a new customer. If your friend has purchased with us before, they will not be eligible for the reward.

You can refer as many drivers as you want. However, there is a limit on the number of rewards you can get: up to 5 within any 24 hour period or 25 within 12 months.

We are constantly making improvements to the scheme so this is subject to change in the future.

Great! Simply click on the link that your friend sent you to register for the reward. After registering for the reward, you will be taken to get your quote and purchase your policy. To be eligible for the reward, you must be a new customer, getting a quote and purchasing with INSHUR for the first time.

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