UK Airports During COVID-19: What Uber Drivers Need To Know

UK Airports During COVID-19: What Uber Drivers Need To Know

Airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Stansted are usually ideal places for Uber drivers to pick up passengers and get tips. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we look at whether it might be worth waiting elsewhere.

Can passengers fly to and from these airports?

Yes, and passenger numbers are starting to increase as lockdown lifts and quarantine measures are eased for popular holiday destinations. Although easyJet reported that they are only operating around 30% of last year’s flight schedule this summer, they expect to fly two-thirds more passengers this week than last week. UK airports are currently the busiest they have been since March.

The most popular places to fly to at the moment are the sunnier shores of Palma, Alicante and Malaga.

Has anything changed?

There have been some changes to terminals.

— At Gatwick, all flights are currently operating from the North Terminal.

— At Heathrow, all flights are operating from Terminals 2 and 5.

— At Manchester airport, there is no overnight access to the terminal building, and non-flying members of the public aren’t allowed inside the airport unless they are escorting a passenger.

However, when it comes to taxi drivers picking up or dropping off passengers, nothing major has changed at these key airports. 

Airports are also asking anyone entering to do the following things:

— Wear a face covering while travelling through any part of the airport

— Maintain social distancing

— Wash your hands regularly

— Keep your hands clean on the go by using hand sanitiser

— Make contactless payments where possible

And of course, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 you must stay at home.

This information is correct at the time of writing on 21st July but before you go, make sure to check the latest from official sources.

With passenger numbers starting to increase, heading to the airport could be a good option for rideshare drivers to consider. However, it’s important to have a backup plan as volumes are still much lower than usual. Our research tells us that many drivers are picking up passengers more frequently in residential areas, along with hospitals and shops. These shorter trips may not earn you as much, but will help to keep you on the road at this time.

Wherever you go to pick up passengers, remember that both you and your rider will need to wear a face-covering. Read more about face coverings here

Many drivers also tell us they aren’t feeling ready to go back to work as a rideshare driver at all just yet because of health and safety concerns. If that’s you, delivery work could be a good option. Click here to find out more and remember, with INSHUR you are automatically covered to do delivery work at no added cost.