The Lucky Charmer

The Lucky Charmer

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This issue – Darra, Brighton, UK.


The Lucky Charmer.

During my years as a taxi driver, I’ve acted as counsellor to my passengers quite a few times. Usually, this involves a sympathetic ear and reassuring murmurs. Occasionally, I’ve supplied a tissue for the tears of those who’ve just been dumped and soothing words for those who’ve lost a loved one. I don’t think this is rare. Aiding the seriously freaked-out is just part of a cab driver’s duties. They come and go. We go on. In the sea of people seeking help, it’s rare for any to stand out.

Then last year, one young lady did.

My first trip with her was directly after she’d left university. Our journey was taking her to her first job interview. She was a nervous wreck before we’d even left her house. The trip took twenty minutes and all the way there I tried to reassure her, convince her that if she’d got this far in the process, she was a strong candidate, blah di blah di blah. I’m not sure it worked, but she seemed calmer as she left my car. I wondered if I’d ever know how her meeting went.

Five days later, she was in the cab gain.

I picked her up in town and she told me she’d aced the interview and had an offer. But it was a job she didn’t want. She said she had another in the pipeline which sounded much more promising and she asked me what I thought. For all it was worth, I gave her my advice. As she got out, she said my words had decided it – she was going to go for option B and pass on the first. I wished her luck. Her smile was like the sun when she said she couldn’t fail – she had me as her wheels of fortune.

Two weeks passed and then I was outside her door once more. This ride went to job interview number two. She was so happy I was driving her. I was a lift for her spirits as well as her transport. We spent the whole journey working on her confidence. By the time we got to the drop off, her head was in the perfect space. As she got out, I told her that I had to know what happened. She said she’d tell me in the Uber rider’s feedback.

When her comment came, there it was – she’d got the job – a perfect fit. She gave me five stars and named me Lucky Charmer.

I’d never been called that before, but it was no surprise. My roots reach back to Ireland.

Luck of the Irish.