Snow Business is No Business

Snow Business is No Business


On The Streets With INSHUR Drivers Worldwide

This issue: Sergio Sanchez, New York City.


I’ll never forget November 15th.

It had gone well. A perfect day. I’d filled a few airport runs, made good money. By 5.00pm I was getting near close and filling in with small, local rides above Central Park. Home beckoned and I was anxious to get there. Thoughts of dinner and family filled my mind.

Then… the snow arrived.

What happened next was all my fault. I should have cut and run. New York in snow is never good. However, I needed one more ride to hit my Lyft bonus, so I stayed out and accepted a fare that would change everything.

That ride took me all the way downtown to Battery Park. Any further and I would have fallen off Manhattan. Traffic had been slow and by then, big flakes were falling fast and sticking quick. This was all wrong. It should not have been happening. There’d been no snow warning. But in less than an hour, the streets were in gridlock. Total jam.

It was hell north of Canal Street. Worse still in Chelsea. Sliding, fishtailing, every block took forever.  My Lyft and Uber apps were lit nonstop. Requests were huge. Surge pricing was off the scale. But none of it mattered. Nothing was possible. Walking was faster.  

My only focus was north and home, but these were the worst conditions I’d ever driven in. Complete nightmare. It had already been two hours since my final drop. My wife was calling wondering where I was. On the radio, the city was saying that were unprepared. They weren’t kidding. Accidents were rising, frustration was building. Honking was deafening. Two hours became three. Three hours became five. Midnight loomed. New York was chaos under a thick, white blanket.

Six hours after dropping that Lyft bonus ride, I slid to a halt outside my house. The wife had gone to bed. The baby was asleep. Dinner was gone!

I made a personal note – bonus or no bonus, when the day is done, turn off and turn in.

Helluva day.