Save More With Loyalty Programmes

Save More With Loyalty Programmes

How PHV Drivers Can Make More with Loyalty Programmes

 Loyalty Programs easy ways to save money.
 Subway SubSquad lets you team up with buddies.
 Nectar earns points with over 400 retailers.
 Ikea Family Card is your pass for a cheap breakfast.

Stay Loyal, Make Money

INSHUR is highly conscious of the fact that professional drivers are first and foremost in the taxi business to make money. The INSHUR app is part of that understanding. You can’t drive PHV until you have insurance, so we strive to give you your policy and get you on the road without delay. However, as well as our app, we look for other ways that our driver community can make more money without working longer. In April, we published some tips to make your small business more profitable. That article talked about loyalty programmes. These are free and easy tools to save you cash. Clearly, there are the obvious programmes such as fuel cards and coffee shops, but in addition to these no-brainers, there are others you may find useful. We detail three below. Consider which ones would work well for you and dive in. Why not? The worst that can happen is you save some money. Who doesn’t like that?

Subway SubSquad

What: Points get more free food. Site: subcard.subway.co.uk Not a typical restaurant programme, the Subway SubSquad lets up to eight friends or family team up to accrue points together. As well as points for purchases like normal, big bonuses are given if team members buy from any Subway store within four hours of each other, which gets you to a free sandwich faster. Our tip? Sign all your taxi buddies up to one card and share the feast.

Nectar Card

What: Biggest universal points card in the UK. Site: www.nectar.com We shouldn’t have to tell you this, you should have Nectar already. The programme is huge, UK wide and has over 400 retailers enrolled. Earn points and save money on purchases from stores like Halfords, Sainsburys, BP, National Tyre, Autocare and more.

Ikea Family

What: Store discount card. Site: www.ikea.com/gb Yes, you’re thinking, ‘why would I buy a coffee table for the taxi?’, but if so, you’re missing the point. The Ikea Family Card gives discounts on items all over their giant stores. However, forget the furniture, consider the food. The Family card will currently get you a full English breakfast in the Ikea café for just £1.75p. That’s amazing. If you operate anywhere near one of their massive blue and yellow warehouses, get the card and drop in for a cheap breakfast and free parking!

Subway: https://subcard.subway.co.uk/cardholder/en/
Nectar: https://www.nectar.com
Ikea: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/ikea/campaigns/member-offers/