Loyalty Rewards in NYC

Loyalty Rewards in NYC

How FHV Drivers Can Make More with Loyalty Programs

 Loyalty Programs easy ways to save money.
 Five Stars program good for food and retail purchases.
 Chipotle Rewards makes lunch cheaper.
 Spring works off your bank account, no loyalty card needed.

Stay Loyal, Make Money

INSHUR is highly conscious of the fact that professional drivers are first and foremost in the taxi business to make money. The INSHUR app is part of that understanding. You can’t drive FHV until you have insurance, so we strive to give you your policy and get you on the road without delay. However, as well as our app, we look for other ways that our driver community can make more money without working longer. In April, we published some tips to make your small business more profitable. That article talked about loyalty programs. These are free and easy tools to save you cash. Clearly, there are the obvious programs such as gas cards and coffee shops, but in addition to these no-brainers, there are others you may find useful. We detail three below. Consider which ones would work well for you and dive in. Why not? The worst that can happen is you save some money. What’s not to like about that?

Program: Five Stars

What: Discount off restaurants, retail etc. Site: www.fivestars.com This is a national program and available throughout the US, but with a powerful presence in the New York area. The site is simple to use and it’s free to sign up. The mobile app accrues points for extra bonuses, but most businesses in the program are offering immediate discounts and extras, such as free coffee, cheap pizza and yes, for all our lady drivers out there, discounts on a manicure!

Program: Chipotle Rewards

What: Points get free food. Site: www.chipotle.com/rewards.html A saucy program from this well-known burrito chain. They’ve relaunched the Rewards card for 2019 and this time it’s permanent. Earn points as you eat. Very simple and free to join. Our tip: Get your driver buddies to let you order their lunch as well. Use their money to make more points for you.

Program: Spring

What: Program that lets you earn points at any participating retailer, and there are thousands of them, using your bank card. Site: No consumer site, just ask at your favorite retailers. Spring is what’s known as a No-Card loyalty program, meaning you don’t need another wedge of plastic in your wallet or hanging on your key fob. Points accrue when you buy using your linked bank card. Any bank card. Tens of thousands of major name retailers use Spring, so just ask when you’re about to buy and sign up on the spot. Points earn product discounts and free stuff. Great.