New York TLC Cap, the driver view.

Last month the New York City Council imposed a 12-month cap on any new drivers obtaining a TLC license.  While a move that had been discussed for some time, the legislation seemed to be hurried through at speed.

The various TLC centers around the city saw a flood of drivers hoping to get registered before the cap came into force.  Our app saw an extra 1,000 drivers during August, almost 400 on one day.  But what doe the cap mean? Who is in favor, who will win and who will lose.  We asked our 13,000 drivers and here are the results:

Q. When asked what will be the most likely positive impact, a large number, 40% of drivers, said the move would stabilize and even increase pay for existing drivers.  While 22% feel it will help reduce congestion, the same percentage felt it would increase driver opportunities.

Q. When asked about any negative impact, the responses were mixed, but the overriding mood was that there would be very few real negative implications of the cap.

Q. We asked drivers to think about what the impact was likely to be them personally following the cap; we received some personal anecdotes:

“This will lead to me getting more passengers quicker and maybe lead to more pay.”
“Less traffic and provide more opportunities.”

Q. Never short of an opinion, we then asked drivers for their thoughts on the changes they think the New York City Council should make, here are a few of the responses we could print:

“Only allow trucks in Manhattan overnight to reduce double parking and blocking a lane that can be used for through traffic.”
“Inspection dates are too far. Let TLC make adjustments for the drivers to get a faster inspection.”
“Remove the cap, restrict truck deliveries in Manhattan to overnight hours as well as construction. Those are some of the biggest reasons why traffic is as bad as it is. Those trucks block two lanes while being double parked during morning rush hour just to unload is quite ridiculous.”
“I’d like them [NYC council] to change the pedestrian walk light in the city to alleviate traffic congestion while turning through intersections by giving pedestrians their own walk light while giving vehicles their own green light instead of what we have now, vehicles trying to turn right into a crosswalk full of people.”
“Take away TLC restrictions on insurance. Let big companies like Allstate or Statefarm who have rideshare insurance in other states get into NY. TLC insurance is too much, and it’s one of the reasons I’m still in debt.”
“Banning bad drivers.”
“Veteran drivers should not get capped off! New drivers to the business should have a probation period; we have drivers that can’t do this job without a GPS! Inexperienced and drivers that have bad experiences with passengers need to be weeded out! Like everything else in life, there are bad apples in everything!”