Just Married

Just Married

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This issue – Sidhar. London, UK.

Just Married.
It was just another day in Uxbridge. I’d taken a few locals across town, dropped two tourists at the Battle of Britain Bunker, been out to the industrial park and was now cruising near the university waiting on a fare. A few minutes later, it came in, and it seemed like a regular little trip. I wasn’t expecting a slapstick comedy. But that’s what I got. The app gave the trip destination as the Uxbridge Registry Office. I knew it. Been there many times. People going in to record births, deaths, do a property search, order some deeds, that kind of thing. However, when I got to the pick-up point, it was none of those. Nah. This was a full-blown wedding party, with the bride in flowing dress, bridesmaids, bouquets and a bunch of nervous-looking relatives.

It seemed the cars they’d booked had not shown up. None of them. The party was stranded. I was one large car with twelve riders. They were a dozen panicky people with thirty minutes left on the clock. Now, I’ve been to the Registry Office for weddings myself and I knew the staff there were unforgiving. They ran it like the army. Turn up late and you can stay single. This wedding group had to be there on time.

With no way to get more cars, I went into emergency mode. First, we crammed as many relatives in the car as we could. With big hats, flowers and suitcase-sized handbags for the ladies, it was a tight squeeze, but in they went. Next, it was a mad dash to the Office – luckily it was only five minutes away. With elbows sticking out of windows and silk scarves flying in the wind, I got there, unloaded and did a turnaround.

The next batch were the bridesmaids.

They were even more decorative, so there could be no creasing. Windows stayed up to keep hats on and costly hairstyles neat. Twelve minutes later I was back for the final batch. This was the bride and mum and dad. The lucky lady’s big white dress filled the back seat. Dad had to perch against the door. Mum jammed in next to me. I think I set a speed record to cover three miles.

However, this crazy relay came to an end with a dignified slow roll – with the clock ticking just past the hour, I cruised the last hundred yards to the Office door. My car was coated in flower petals, someone left a scarf behind and my pulse was going like a hammer. But we made it. I got them there on time. As she got out, I gave the bride my card. She couldn’t thank me enough. I felt like a knight in shining armour.

She gave me a nice tip and a five-star rating. Two days later, a piece of wedding cake came in the post. It tasted pretty good.