June: Events To Be Aware Of In London

June: Events To Be Aware Of In London

Where are the Busiest Spots for Uber Riders in London?

 London always busy, but some spots busier than usual.
 Some events are a rich source of riders for PHV taxi drivers.
 Field Day music festival, Enfield N18.
 Mighty Hoopla music festival, Herne Hill.
 Nude Bike Ride, Westminster Bridge.
 Open Garden Squares Weekend, London-wide.

Where the Riders are in London in June

London is a big city and where the crowds are is where the money is. Uber riders will be looking for drivers in all the extra busy areas, so make yourself available to feast on the fare bonanza. As May comes to a close here are the hot spots for the month of June. Be there or miss out.

Field Day.

Event: Music Festival.
Where: Enfield, London N18 3BW.
When: June 7th and 8th, 2019.
Times: Noon each day ‘til late.

Rated as one of the capital’s best alternative music fests, featuring some of the world’s finest music acts. Located in four huge warehouses, it attracts thousands. Running until late on both days, many music lovers will be too tired to catch a train or bus. Serenade them home in your taxi.

Mighty Hoopla.

Event: Music Festival.
Where: Brockwell Park, Herne Hill.
When: 8th June 2019.
Times: Noon ‘til late.

The third edition of London’s biggest pop festival takes place on a Saturday for the first time. Crowds will throng to see Chaka Khan and legendary girl bands All Saints and Bananarama. With a strong LGBT flavour, this is a hot spot to take groups of glittery dancers to and from the disco.

World Naked Bike Ride.

Event: Naked Bicycle Ride.
Where: All over London. Core route is from Westminster Bridge.
When: June 8th, 2019.
Times: From 1.00pm until the riders get tired or arrested.

Yes, this is the biggest nude bike ride in the world. Start points are scattered across the city, but the main element runs from Westminster Bridge. Expect big crowds out for an eyeful and plenty of sunburned bodies later. Ignore the bikes and nakedness there’ll be masses of tourists and supporters to ferry around.

Open Garden Squares Weekend.

Event: Private Garden Showings.
Where: All over London.
When: June 8th and 9th.
Times: All day both days, from early until dusk.

Over 200 usually private gardens open their gates to the public. Squares, rooftops and backyards from as far apart as Hampstead and Wimbledon to Kensington and the City will be on show. Expect hordes of foot-weary gardeners to be seeking a taxi to get them from lawn to lawn and then home again. Discover more here: http://www.opensquares.org/2019/home/index.php

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