It’s A Small World

It’s A Small World

Front Seat

On the streets with INSHUR drivers worldwide

This issue – George B, Portsmouth, UK.

It’s a small world. Every taxi driver has a front seat story about a fare who knew someone they knew. Sometimes they may even be related. However, it’s unusual for that link to cross nations, decades and reach right back to your childhood… but that’s what happened to me.

It was early evening on a Friday. I selected a pick-up from a local pub. I assumed it was someone who’d done TGIF more than they should. But it wasn’t, and I got more than I expected.

The fare was three young men in their late twenties. They’d booked a ride that would take a full half hour. They got in the car, I banged it in ‘drive’ and off we went.

Now, I’m the type who likes to chat with riders rather than drive in silence. I started talking and it wasn’t long before they asked, “where are you from?” I’ve been in the UK since 2010. My English is good, but my accent is Romanian. They’d picked it up and they were curious.

I looked in the mirror: Three expectant faces. So, I told them: Romania, or more precisely, Transylvania –and yes, I’ve heard all the vampire jokes. This time, however, the comment just raised a “really?” Then my eyebrows went up, as these guys had just come back from Dracula’s country. They’d been there on holiday and had a great time. They’d even stayed in my old home town.

Over the next few miles we swapped notes on places they went and food they ate. It was a trip down memory lane. Then the lane got longer, as they told me they’d been driven around each day by the same driver. I asked which firm. I knew it. I asked his name. I knew him. Turns out he was my best friend from school.

I couldn’t believe it. Of all the people to get in my car, it was someone who’d just been to my hometown and met my friend. The odds were fantastic. Anything could have changed this… another driver, another time, if these guys had just delayed for another drink. Any little thing and we would not be where we were. Amazed, I called my pal In Romania and told him the story. He even spoke to the guys in the back. Talk about a reunion.

Ten minutes later, I was dropping them off. As they got out, they remarked on the chances of what had happened. We agreed it was ridiculous and that life’s a marvel.

Then one asked me if vampires were real.

After a ride like this, what else could I say? I said “absolutely”.  


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