INSHUR grows its share of new drivers seeking and buying TLC insurance.

INSHUR, the mobile-first commercial auto insurance provider, has released its latest quarterly data report highlighting key trends around vehicles, insurance premiums and driver behaviours. The report data covers quotes and policies via the INSHUR mobile app between July and September 2017, from a total of 1,200 TLC drivers in New York.

INSHUR is the fastest growing and easiest way for TLC drivers to search for and buy competitive cover for their vehicles. In the past 18 months, the mobile-first insurance platform has attracted more than 1,200 customers and now has over $5m in underwritten policies in NYC area alone.

Speaking about the report, Dan Bratshpis, co-founder of INSHUR, said: “This remains a fascinating exercise for us each quarter. While we see some stability in behaviors and types of vehicles, we are witnessing changes. We’ve seen premiums come down with insurers referring to the positive impact of dashcams. At INSHUR we are starting to see our share of the new driver market grow. And a definite increase the number of new female drivers. We plan to provide a year in review analysis of all data in the next edition of our report, out in late January.”

The data findings at a glance: