INSHUR customer survey results

INSHUR customer survey results

In the first issue of The Surge, our dedicated customer newsletter, we asked for some views and opinions on what’s important to you as our customers and TLC drivers of NYC.

It’s never an easy thing to do, to ask people for feedback on how you are doing.  Sometimes the truth can hurt.  After all, we are more than just a smart mobile insurance app, we too are humans. We have feelings, we get things wrong and just want to do the right thing.  But we are not afraid of the truth and to misquote Jerry Maguire “we can handle the truth”.

But the results have been actually pretty good; we are not perfect, we are always working hard to be better but, the responses from our 5,000+ community have been beneficial and constructive.

Here are some of the highlights of the results.

Question one:

When asked:  When purchasing TLC insurance, what is the most important to you, the message was clear:

Price is king

Our response:  We hear you.  Price is important we know the costs associated with being a TLC driver in the city.  We search the best prices and provide a quote based on your specific requirements.  Working with the best insurers is a job we take seriously and constantly seek to improve to find drivers the best deal.

Question two:

We asked: If you have ever used the INSHUR app to quote or buy insurance, which of the following best describes your experience?

Wow, this made us blush a little and brought a bit of welcome relief to all the team who have worked flat out for the past 18 months on product development and frontline on customer service.  

51% said the experience was excellent

Our response: While we’ll take the applause, we thank you!  We recognize we are not perfect and every day focus on ways to improve every aspect of how we serve customers.  We are hiring new customer support agents and continue to work with the best technical product developers available.  

Question three:

We asked: What’s the one thing you would like us to improve about the service?

Many customers said nothing needed to change and the app and experience was excellent and much faster and more efficient being able to do it all via a mobile.  We had some helpful responses and ideas that have been put forward for consideration.  More people on the phones and access to foreign language speakers in customer service.  Through to showing potential savings as the car ages and a processing time for the policy approval.  

Our favorite was: “I think the app is awesome, I wouldn’t change anything,” but then we are completely biased.

Question four:

We asked:  Would you be happy to recommend Inshur to other friends and drivers?

Would your recommend us?

While there is work to do, our aim is to have 100% of people say yes, but this feels like a good start.

And finally, we asked: If we offered you a reward for telling other drivers about Inshur, which of the following would be you would like to receive?

It was ‘hands in the air’ for the $200 gas card (84%), then free car washes for the month (38%) followed by free lunches (13%).

Our response: We love the fact you all put a clean car ahead of a full stomach.  

Thank you to all of you who completed the survey, see the next edition of The Surge to find out who won the draw for an iPhone 7.