Tips For Pick Ups & Drop Offs Outside NYC

Tips For Pick Ups & Drop Offs Outside NYC

Uber Pick Up/Drop Off Outside New York City

— Uber operates across all of New York State.

— New York City drivers must always drop off or pick up in the city.

— Uber will only offer return trips to the City from out of town locations.

— Uber county rates apply to trips that begin outside the City.

— Accident risks rise when out of town.


Can a New York Licensed Uber Driver Pick Up/Drop Off Outside the City?

Uber operates across the whole of New York State, but there are restrictions on where and when New York City licensed FHV drivers can pick up and drop off outside the city’s five boroughs. Here are the rules in easy to understand language:

— Licensed New York City FHV drivers cannot do trips that start and end outside the City. They must pick up or drop off inside the five boroughs in all cases.

— Example: An Uber driver who starts a trip In New York City that ends in Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Dutchess, or Ulster Counties, cannot pick up another trip at or near the drop off point that does not go back to the City.

— Uber drivers do not need to change anything in their app or turn on Driver Destinations. They will automatically only receive a trip back to New York City.

— Uber rates for the counties listed above will apply to any trips from those counties back into New York City.

— UberX, UberXL, UberPREMIUM, and UberPREMIUM SUV is available across all of New York State.

— For information on Uber vehicle requirements in Long Island, Westchester, and other NYC suburbs, check here: https://www.uber.com/drive/nyc-suburbs/vehicle-requirements/

Driving out of the City and into unfamiliar areas increases the risk of an accident. FHV drivers should ensure their insurance coverage is adequate to compensate for loss in the event of any incident. For an up to date and fast review of your cover or to buy FHV insurance, download the INSHUR app, the fastest, most convenient way to obtain FHV cover. Get your quote and policy in minutes, not in days or weeks.



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