How To Pay ULEZ Charge With Auto-Pay

How To Pay ULEZ Charge With Auto-Pay

How to Use TFL Auto-Pay to Avoid a ULEZ Fine

 TFL Auto Pay is the Way to Avoid a £290 Fine.
 Monthly Account for London Congestion Zone and ULEZ fees.
 Pay Once a Month Instead of Daily.
 Up to Five Cars on One Account.
 Save Time, Save Money.
 No More Fines if You Forget to Pay.

Pay with TFL Auto-Pay to Avoid a ULEZ Fine

So, you’ve had a good day driving in Central London. Business has been profitable. Many hours and miles later you finally go home. Once there, you put the day’s stress behind you and unwind. Then you climb into bed and sink into sleep. Ah, bliss. Sounds great doesn’t it? Except, it isn’t. There’s a sting in the day’s tail. You forgot to pay your Congestion Zone and ULEZ charges. That starts the ‘bad news’ clock. Fail to pay those fees within 24 hours and you’re liable to fines totalling £290! How do you avoid this situation? You enrol in TFL Auto-Pay.

What is Auto-Pay?

It’s a TFL scheme for your Congestion Zone and ULEZ charges. It lets you pay the fees with an automatic payment direct from your bank account or payment card. This saves time making daily payments and avoids a fine if you’re ever forgetful.

How Does it Work?

Each day you enter the Congestion and ULEZ Zones and generate charges, the fees are billed to your Auto-Pay account. You pay nothing on the day you incur the fees. Instead, TFL takes one combined payment each month. You’ll get an email reminder that a payment is due prior to your bank being debited or you card being charged.

How Do I Join Auto-Pay?

Go to the Auto-Pay website to create your account. You’ll need your vehicle and bank or payment card info. You can register up to five vehicles on one account or create a fleet account if there are more than five.

What Does it Cost?

The annual fee is £10 per vehicle. This is added to your first month’s payment.

What If I Don’t Pay My Account on Time?

If TFL cannot take payment from your bank or card, your account is suspended until outstanding fees are paid. During suspension, any new trips you make into the Congestion Zone will have to be paid daily and by a different method. Fail to do so and you risk that hefty fine. If you don’t pay your outstanding Auto Pay account within a short time, it will be permanently closed. This means you’ll need to re-register your vehicle(s) at a cost of £10 each. To avoid this situation, ensure you have enough funds in your bank account or available on your card when you get the monthly TFL
reminder that a payment is coming due.

Is it Worth the Effort?

Yes. Unless you’ve got the memory of an elephant and like wasting time with daily payments, Auto-Pay is the way to go. Set it and forget it. You’re a professional driver, not an accountant.

TFL Link: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/autopay-apply-before-you-begin
TFL: http://content.tfl.gov.uk/congestion-charging-auto-pay-user-guide.pdf