How Uber Drivers Can Earn More Tips On Airport Runs

How Uber Drivers Can Earn More Tips On Airport Runs

How Can a Rideshare Driver Earn a Tip on the Airport Run?

 Tips are discretionary for Uber riders and drivers.
 Riders travelling from airports are a good source for tips.
 Give them five-star service to get a gratuity.
 Carry extras such as bottled water in the vehicle.
 Offer local information that be helpful.
 Inform the rider of extra tolls and charges.
 Help load bags into the taxi.
 Hint that a tip is possible in cash or via the Uber app.

Earning a Tip on the Airport Run

Unlike some restaurants that automatically add a 15% or 20% service charge to the bill, professional FHV drivers are at the mercy of the rider when it comes to receiving a tip. However, those small bonuses can make the difference between a so-so day and a great day when it comes down to the money. Surveys show that travellers arriving at international airports are a prime source for taxi driver tips. However, to entice them to pay, riders they should always receive five-star treatment. Yes, some arriving visitors will still take all you can give them and then exit without so much as a ‘thank you’, but many won’t.

So how do you ensure those riders that are ripe for a tip give you that little extra? INSHUR has the following suggestions:

The extras earn the extras

Go the extra mile and make sure your riders are comfortable and well cared for. Many will have just got off a long flight. Carry a few bottles of water in the car, and always have napkins handy in case of a spill. Ask if your riders need a city map, or some tourist guide leaflets. You can pick these up for free from any good tourist information booth, (try the airport), or from the lobby of most good hotels.

Local knowledge

If you have some useful info to share, such as sights worth seeing where your riders are going, tell them. Ask if they need any local travel information, such as using the subway or ferries and trains. Airport visitors are often coming from far away, some local advice will go a long way towards winning their trust and a worthwhile tip.

Tolls and restrictions

If you’re taking your riders to a destination that will incur extra costs, such as bridge and tunnel charges, gently let your riders know. If the cost isn’t automatically added to the rider’s bill, it’s coming out of your earnings. Don’t demand that your riders pay, just hint that an extra payment towards out-of-pocket cost would be appreciated.


No doubt you’ve been on the receiving end of a cabbie who couldn’t be bothered to get out and help with your baggage? Don’t copy that kind of poor service. If you see your riders have bags, get out and help them load them into the vehicle. It’s the right thing to do.

Lastly, when you get to the end of the ride, remind your travellers to give you a rating on the Uber app and, if they wish to add a tip, there’s an option to do so. Don’t ask for a tip, just hint that it’s possible once the ride is over.

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