We Want Your Stories!

We Want Your Stories!

INSHUR Wants Driver Stories

 INSHUR posts taxi driver stories on their blog.
 The posts are called Front Seat.
 Posts feature true stories from professional drivers.
 Can be a story, tip, observation or suggestion.
 INSHUR does the writing, drivers provide the story.
 Stories wanted now.

Put Yourself in Our Front Seat – Driver Stories Wanted

You’re a professional driver. You proudly operate your own business. Every day you transport dozens of people around your city, town or region. Constantly you hear passenger stories, get asked odd questions, help your riders, and go the extra mile to make their day a success. Taxi life is your life and you wouldn’t do anything else.

Does this sound like you?

If your answer’s yes, then we want you. You may have seen our recent blog posts called FRONT SEAT. These articles feature true driver stories – the weird, the wonderful, the amazing and the adventurous. Every post provides a candid picture of the kind of things our drivers do to go beyond the call of duty. So far, we’ve heard about snowstorms, wedding-day chaos, a job hunter’s jitters and a long- distance reunion – all from the inside of someone’s taxi.

But now we want more.

If you’ve got an interesting story, experience, tip, observation or suggestion to share with other drivers, then let us know ([email protected]). Just provide a quick summary of your story and we’ll take it from there, initially by email, then with a call. Don’t worry about writing a long letter or detailed description. We know you’re busy. Just give us the key points over the phone. If you didn’t see the previous FRONT SEAT articles and you’d like a better idea of what we’re looking for, read them all here. Otherwise, this is your chance to spread your story across the UK, the US and beyond. We’re waiting to hear from you now, just email us at [email protected]