Uber Drivers, Coronavirus & Delivery Work: Your Options

Uber Drivers, Coronavirus & Delivery Work: Your Options

TLC Drivers have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. As New Yorkers were asked to ‘Stay Home’, the rideshare industry saw a dramatic decline in demand. With all but essential businesses allowed to keep trading and only necessary trips to be taken, FHV drivers have seen their earnings plummet.

But, they too can still provide an essential service to the City and its communities – transporting not people, but parcels. Recognizing the value of drivers, a number of organizations are offering opportunities to earn through delivery work. Doing delivery is super easy for INSHUR customers as it is automatically included in our policies, at no extra cost.

Opinions on delivery are often divided amongst rideshare drivers, but the industries aren’t so different. Both offer paid work and use technology to connect drivers to the public. We understand the decision to continue working is tough, but drivers who can work play an important role.

Here are some of the delivery services that could be an option for INSHUR customers:


A COVID-19 initiative by New York City now offers TLC drivers delivery jobs to help those folks, such as senior citizens, who are unable to get out themselves. Jobs are offered on a first come, first served basis. Visit www.nyc.gov/deliverytlc to find out more.

Uber Eats

All INSHUR customers can start taking ‘leave at door’ food deliveries with Uber Eats, a contact-free dropoff experience. Simply open the Uber Driver app and select to turn on delivery requests. 

Uber Work Hub

In response to COVID-19, the Work Hub section of the Uber Driver app now includes opportunities outside of Uber as they team up with companies currently hiring like Domino’s, Shipt, and CareGuide.

Other services

Popular platforms like GrubHub also need help from drivers as local businesses and people increasingly rely on deliveries in a time of social-distancing and self-isolation

Please remember, if you’re still driving rideshare or doing delivery, it’s important tostay safe to protect your health and others’ during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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