Uber offers drivers £5,000 to buy electric vehicles

Uber offers drivers £5,000 to buy electric vehicles

Uber, the world’s largest ride-hailing app, has announced new grants to encourage Uber private hire drivers in London to switch to electric vehicles. 

As of May 21st 2024, any Uber drivers not yet driving an electric vehicle (EV) can apply for a grant of up to £5,000 to purchase a new or used EV. 

Additional discounts on KIA vehicles can push the discount on offer to over £22,000. This represents substantial savings on the costs associated with EVs.

Why are Uber focusing on EVs?

Uber is on a green mission to make its London fleet fully electric by the end of 2025. Since the original pledge in 2017, drivers have been charged a “clean air fee”. Now Uber has built up a £145m fund from these fees that it’s re-investing into its London drivers. 

With only 18 months until Uber’s deadline, and with interest in EVs slowing down largely because of costs and lack of public charging, Uber has admitted it needs extra incentives to encourage drivers to switch. 

Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber in the UK, said: 

“Now is the time to speed up on electrification, not slow down […] Uber drivers can be the catalyst for accelerating electrification across the transport sector but collaboration will be crucial to combat air pollution and work towards a more sustainable future.”

What is the grant?

Uber is offering a grant and further discounts on new and used EVs totalling up to £22,750. 

Called the “PowerUp Package”, Uber’s offer includes £750 of BP Pulse charging credits (equivalent to 3 months of free charging) to the first 8,000 drivers who sign up. 

The EV Assistance grant provides drivers up to £5,000 off the purchase or rental price of a new or used EV. You can use Uber’s approved vendors, or a provider of your choice.

Use this form to see how much EV Assistance you’re eligible for. 

In addition to the grant, Uber has secured further discounts on KIA EVs through their partnership with Humming Bird Motors. 

  • Get up to £13k off Kia Niro EV models
  • Or up to £17k off the Kia EV6

You can check out the deals here. 

Make sure to read all the eligibility criteria directly from Uber here

PowerUp Package Additional Benefits

Once drivers have made the switch, they’ll benefit from 10% higher earnings on Uber Green versus UberX on the Uber app until the end of 2024. 

You’ll be exempt from the congestion fee, but you’ll also be able to keep the £1.50 Central London Fee on trips that start, end or pass through the congestion zone.

Additionally, should you wish to change your vehicle or upgrade in future, there are further discounts available through Uber partners. 

To finish

According to Uber’s data, a quarter of all miles driven by London Uber drivers are in an electric vehicle. London drivers are also adopting EVs faster than the public, with one driver switch saving four times the carbon emissions of the average fuel-type driver. 

Redbridge Council are building an extra 68 charge points in their area, funded by Uber. This is part of a larger £5m investment to install 700 chargers across three London boroughs. 

Now is the time to take advantage of what’s on offer if you’re considering switching to an EV.

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