Driver benefits

INSHUR and Drivers Benefits partner to help TLC drivers in New York City

Our new partnership will provide you – rideshare drivers – with easy access to benefits such as eye examinations and legal assistance through the integration of Drivers Benefits in our app.

We are proud to announce a partnership to give drivers for Black Car Services in New York City easier access to Drivers Benefits, an initiative designed to make drivers’ lives easier and safer. INSHUR customers can now easily sign up to Drivers Benefits when they are purchasing or renewing their policy in our app.

What are the benefits?

If you drive for Uber, Lyft, Via, or a traditional Black Car service like Vital, you qualify for Drivers Benefits!

Here’s how it works: Passengers pay a 2.5% surcharge on each ride. That money goes to The Black Car Fund to pay for drivers’ workers compensation and other benefits, like dental and vision, all at no cost to you. Check them out below.

Vision: Drivers receive annual eye exams, designer glasses or contact lenses, ongoing customer service, and more at no cost from GVS.

Telemedicine: All drivers and their families can speak to a doctor in their language by phone for a non-emergency consultation – anytime, anywhere for free.

Dental: Save 30 – 60% on routine care and dental procedures for you and members of your family.

Legal Assistance: Get deeply discounted legal assistance from a qualified traffic lawyer to help fight New York Taxi and Limousine Commission and NYPD traffic violations.

Classes: Learn how to become a better driver and keep yourself healthy. You can even earn up to $300 by taking a defensive driving class, and up to $150 by completing a drivers safety and wellness class!

NYC driver benefits

Did you know?

Currently, only 21,000 out of the 65,000+ rideshare drivers in New York City are signed up for Drivers Benefits. Free to drivers, the initiative is funded by a 2.5% surcharge on all rider fees paid to The Black Car Fund who pays for benefits including annual eye exams, access to telemedicine, and safety and wellness classes, while the Independent Drivers Guilds has arranged discounts on prescriptions, legal assistance, accident support, dental discounts and more.

Drivers Benefits has connected over 1,300 drivers to paid classes helping them collectively earn over $320k and in a single year, drivers using their drug discount program saved on average $288.30 each.

We run on the belief that drivers deserve more. Since 2016, we have been upgrading drivers’ insurance experience to provide a faster and more convenient service, all from within our app.

Our CEO Dan Bratshpis said, “Our mission is to change the way drivers feel about insurance and so being able to offer access to Drivers Benefits to our customers was really important to us. With only 21,000 NYC rideshare drivers currently taking advantage of Drivers Benefits, we’re excited to be able to help thousands more access them quickly and easily through this partnership.”

Andrew Greenblatt, Executive Director of IDG Benefits Fund which runs Drivers Benefits, said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for drivers to access their benefits. Adding enrollment to Drivers Benefits to the INSHUR platform will make it easy for drivers to get the benefits they deserve.”

Drivers Benefits is also partnered with The Black Car Fund and the Independent Drivers Guild to provide benefits to all drivers working for Black Car services in New York State.

To get started, rideshare drivers can download the INSHUR app, and click ‘yes’ when it asked to sign up to Drivers Benefits. It is easy. Or alternatively, head to to sign up online.

If you are on desktop, search for INSHUR in your app store on your mobile.