How Uber helps TLC drivers in New York

How Uber helps TLC drivers in New York

You may soon be able to call a cab using Uber. The ride-hailing company has reached a landmark agreement to begin offering yellow taxis on its app. The collaboration is a dramatic U-turn for the two rivals, who confronted similar challenges throughout the pandemic. It’s possible that all 14,000+ traditional NYC cabs will be added to Uber’s fleet. A timely step that should benefit everyone as the number of commuters and tourists returning to the city grows, the fares made should be distributed more evenly. 

Why is this new partnership happening? 

On many levels, this transaction makes sense. Customers will benefit by having more options, which should help Uber minimize the strain of higher rates and peak surcharging by bringing more available drivers onto the app.

Second, the technology will modernize the sector to meet on-demand expectations. Riders are now so used to hailing a cab using their smartphone that no one will accept standing in the rain for a taxi anymore.

Third, it should send more business to yellow cab drivers and fund Uber’s growth plans without adding extra cars to the road. Contributing to a smoother running city with cleaner air and less traffic.  

How will fares work for New York City taxi drivers?  

Yellow cabs will still be able to pick up old-fashioned hand-hailed fares at metered prices but will also be able to pick up Uber rides at Uber prices. When the service goes live, Uber says riders should expect to pay around the same as they would for an UberX journey.

Taxi drivers who reply to requests through the Uber app will see a trip price upfront and will be able to confirm or reject it. Another benefit to yellow taxi drivers is they’d have the chance to secure a fare on their way back to Manhattan on trips outside the city. 

However, it is not all good news for drivers. Taxi drivers providing rides through the app won’t be eligible for Uber’s recently announced fuel surcharge scheme that aids drivers struggling with record-high gas prices.

How easy is it to be listed as a driver on Uber?

For yellow cabbies thinking about listing their taxi on Uber, here’s what you’ll need to do: 

  1. Fill out the driver application form on or the Uber app, uploading any required papers as prompted. If you are having difficulty completing this process, please contact Uber or visit a local Uber office.
  2. Give your permission for a background check and then wait for a response, which could take up to 10 days.
  3. Enable driver mode in the Uber app once your application is approved and your driver status is activated. You can now accept rider requests and begin earning money.


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