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The Essential Cover You Didn’t Know You Needed

Do you drive for Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, Amazon Flex or another gig economy or rideshare service? The great news is that you’re likely to be earning some extra income for yourself.

The bad news is that you probably don’t realize you could be uninsured if you only have personal coverage, which means that you’re at risk. If someone bumps into you or you have an accident, it could end up costing you a lot of money when you least expect it.

INSHUR wants to protect rideshare drivers by seamlessly plugging into the platforms you’re working with to ensure you’re well-protected at all times. We call this our Gig Pro product.

What could go wrong?

Your personal auto insurance cover could be leaving you at risk if you use it for commercial purposes, meaning you drive to earn money. This is because the risk of you getting into an accident increases when you are on the road more, and even more so when you are responsible for riders.

If you get into an accident while transporting people, packages, or food, your insurer has the right to no longer protect you and you could be liable for the whole expense.

The risk varies depending on what platform you are driving for and whether you’ve purchased any additional endorsements from your personal auto carrier. For example, if you’re driving for Uber and get into an accident whilst waiting to accept a trip, your personal insurance might not cover you for damage repairs during this period. Uber maintains third-party auto insurance during this period, but you will still have to pay for any injuries or damages to your vehicle.

If you were en route to pick up riders or during a trip, Uber currently covers you up to $1million on third-party liability and contingent collision and comprehensive, but there’s $1,000 deductible to pay on a claim. It’s currently a similar situation with Lyft, but there’s $2,500 deductible.*

What should I do?

Gig Pro infographic

Every platform is different and it can be quite complicated to understand when you’re covered and what you’re covered for. That’s why we want to make this easier and protect people like you from costs you never expected.

We are working to ‘plug’ the gaps. With INSHUR’s Gig Pro Insurance you can rest assured that you will be covered whilst working, providing flexible coverage as and when you need it. Register now to help shape this cover and be the first to hear when it’s available in your area.

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INSHUR has already revolutionized for-hire vehicle insurance in New York and the UK and now we’re bringing our data-led insurance to rideshare insurance coverage. Since 2016 we’ve made it easy for over 40,000 drivers to get insurance quickly and hassle-free using our 100% digital product.

*Figures correct as of 16/06/2020 but could change and no longer be accurate.